Alright MW3 fanatics, have you ever unleashed the fury of the model 1887 and dominated the battlefield? We all know that the model 1887 MW3 packs a serious punch, but it’s true potential lies dormant, unless you awaken it. This tactical guide enables you to do just that. 

In this article, we’ll reveal the secrets of maximizing your model 1887 MW3 performance. We’ll explore strategies that go way beyond just firing blindly. We’ll discuss attachments, dedicated class setups for the model 1887 MW3, and combat tactics that will transform you from a casual shotgunner into a force to reckon with. Imagine turning corners and leaving enemies in your dust, raining devastation down on objectives with pinpoint accuracy. That’s the power you can wield with the right knowledge on your model 1887 MW3. 

So, buckle up and get ready to take your game to the next level. This guide is your roadmap to becoming a true master of this iconic weapon, the model 1887 MW3. 

What is Model 1887 MW3? 

The model 1887 MW3 might be a misremembered weapon, but it stemmed from a powerful shotgun option in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. 

While the model 1887 MW3 wasn’t a standalone weapon, the JAK-12 shotgun offered a customization kit that transformed it into a close relative. This kit, called the Jack Warden’s kit, gave players a taste of the model 1887 MW3 experience with a lever-action mechanism for single-wielding. 

The Jack Warden’s kit for the JAK-12, though not quite the same as the overpowered Akimbo model from modern warfare 2, was still a popular choice in MW3. Its focus on close-quarters combats with high damage and hip-fire accuracy made it a favorite for many players seeking dominance in those tight spaces. 

How to Unlock the Model 1887 MW3 or Jack Warden’s Kit 

How to Unlock the Model 1887 MW3 or Jack Warden's Kit 

Gear up faster. Complete 5 challenges from week 5 in either multiplayer or zombies to unlock the JAK wardens (Model 1887). Once you’ve finished 5 challenges, this dual-wield shotgun attachment will be available in your customization menu. 

Understanding the Model 1887 

Strengths: Devastating damage at close range, excellent hip-fire accuracy, pump-action for a quick follow-up shot. 

Weaknesses: Limited range, slow rate of fire, vulnerable in open areas. 


Aggressive Flanker: Utilize the Model 1887’s mobility and surprise factor. Flank enemies on tight maps like Shipment or Rundown and unleash a blast at point-blank range. Here, perks like “Dead Silence” for silent movement and “Lightweight” for increased agility become crucial to outmaneuver opponents and catch them off guard. 

Hold the Line Defender: Defend objective areas or choke points on maps like Quarry or Bakaara. The Model 1887 excels at holding off enemies in confined spaces. Consider using “Stopping Power” to increase your one-shot potential and “Scavenger” to ensure you pick up ammo from fallen enemies to sustain your defense. 

Class Setup 

Perk 1: As mentioned earlier, dead silence or lightweight are strong choices. Blind eye can also be a great option on maps with heavy grenade use or UAV spam. 

Perk 2: Stopping power can increase your one-shot potential, while scavenger ensures you pick up ammo from fallen enemies. 

Perk 3: Blind eye counters enemy grenades and UAVs, while martyrdom punishes those who kill you. consider quickdraw as well, especially if you find yourself needing to switch to your pistol more frequently. 

Attachment Choices 

Stock: Speed-focused options like the fast mag or stock for quicker reloads and movement are essential for an aggressive playstyle. 

Grip: The Quickdraw handle improves hip-fire accuracy for those close-quarter engagements. If you find yourself needing more stability for aimed shots, consider the foregrip instead. 

Secondary: A reliable pistol like the M9 or USP for mid-range encounters. The M18 claymore is a great choice for area denial, especially when defending objectives. 

Tactics and Tips 

Tactics and tips

Master the Hip-Fire: The Model 1887 shines with hip-firing. Practice hip-firing in close quarters to maximize fire rate and surprise enemies. Don’t be afraid to utilize cover to pop out, fire a blast, and retreat before getting overwhelmed. This run-and-gun style of play is where the Model 1887 truly excels. 

Aim for the Center of Mass: At close range, aiming for the chest or head will guarantee maximum damage. However, in the heat of close-quarter battles, prioritize getting shots on target quickly rather than lining up perfect sights. 

Know Your Limits: The Model 1887 struggles in long-range fights. Don’t get caught out in the open – engage enemies within its effective range for optimal performance. Engage targets with your secondary pistol or consider using a class with a longer-range primary weapon for more versatility. 


The Model 1887 MW3, embodied by jack warden’s kit, offers a unique and aggressive playstyle in MW3. By understanding its strengths, weaknesses, and mastering its close quarters combat capabilities, you can become a true master of this iconic weapon. Remember, practice makes perfect, so hone your hip-fire skills, strategize your class setup, and dominate the battlefield.