Twitch alerts are one of the coolest ways for streamers to accept and thank their followers for any donations or subs they made. When a viewer subs, follows or donates you can have an interesting sound effect and image pop up. However something a lot of streamers struggle with is getting sound clips for their alerts.

Below we have listed some useful resources both paid and free to get Alert sounds for your stream.

There are many default twitch alert sounds provided by streaming software, such as stream labs. But if you want to make your stream more attractive and original then we would highly recommend levelling up your stream with some custom sounds.

When you have interesting alerts it will also entice others to sub, follow or donate if it’s an enjoyable sound.

10 Websites To Get Twitch Alert Sounds

Twitch Alert Sounds –

The founder of this website is also a streamer fed up with just a few default alert sounds. This is a premium sound website which charges around $4.99 for each of its sound packs.

A sound pack contains different sound choices for each of your alerts; cheers, hosts, subscribers, followers and donations. All sounds will be in an overarching theme keeping your stream on brand.

They have over 100 sounds over on their website which you can check out before purchasing.

Sound Bible –

The sound bible has many sound effects and clips; some are free to use. You can download sound effects in wav and mp3 formats.

The royalty-free clips and sound effects can be used for video editing, game designing, as well as for streaming. Sound bible updates its content weekly. There are categories as suggested sounds and random sounds.

Freesound –

If you’re looking for completely free sounds with no copyright issues then Freesound is a great option. Freesound is a community platform where users upload their sounds for use.

There are thousands of clips on the site which you can search through to find the perfect sounds for alerts on your stream.

Nerd Or Die

Nerd or die has more focus on graphics than sounds, but they also have a selection of sounds you can purchase. There are five different sound effect packs to download each containing multiple sounds for each action; follows, subs etc

They also have an interesting Voice UI sound pack which includes a robotic voice which reads out when you get an alert. Each pack costs $5 over on Nerd or Die.

Sound Snap

Soundsnaps has the main focus on providing varieties of sounds, which can be used for streaming alerts. It can help you in finding the perfect sound effect within its big SFX library. You can use any sound as a twitch alert and also use some of the sounds in other content you may produce. Now sound snap has up to 1200 sounds in the custom alert sound section. So you can check them out to find the perfect sound for a stream.

It offers three pricing categories with two pay-as-you-go plans and an annual payment method. You can download 5 sounds for 15$, 20 downloads for $20, and yearly unlimited downloads for $199.


On the Own3d TV website, you can get a wide range of add-ons and audio clips to customize your twitch stream. They have many templates, graphics, sounds, and other add- ons.

Own3d has over 30+ sound effects packs you can download in a range of different genres. Each pack costs around $15 however if you’re purchasing from Own3d I would recommend buying one of their complete packs for their stream. This means you can get all your stream graphics, overlays, and animated alerts in one single purchase.

Click here to check out Own3d TV


As their tagline says, “Nothing but sounds,” you will find a great variety of sounds.

There are over 500,000 sounds on here including sounds from your favourite video games and tv programs. With the range of sounds on here, you can really have a creative sound setup on your stream that lets you stand out from the crowd.

You can download all the sounds on this for free but you do need to be careful about copyright issues on certain sounds.

Sound Alerts

Sound alerts is a twitch extension that you can download on your channel. Through this extension, you can not only attract viewers but also monetize your stream. There are almost 30,000 sound clips available.

Twitch Temple

On the Twitch temple website, users can download alert sounds, graphics, logos, and full overlays. Many inclusive stream packages include audio effects. You can access the free and premium Twitch overlays. These overlays are well-designed with animation support bars, panels, webcam frames, and screens. Moreover, you can get packages starting from $2.


Myinstants has a ton of sound bites from movies, tv programs and video games that you can use for your twitch alerts.

Chances are if you have heard a fun sound bite on someone elses stream you will find it on myinstants.

Again though when using some of these soundbites there is some risk of getting a copyright strike or DMCA as they are usually from movies, games, songs etc.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this article has helped you find some of your favourite sound bites that you can use on your Twitch or Youtube stream. Having amazing sounds on stream is a great way to interact with your audience and make your stream more engaging.

If there is somewhere else you like to source clips let us know down below in the comments and we will add it to the article.

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