So you’re watching TimTheTatman slaying noobs in warzone and want to chance your arm at your own stream. If you’re looking to know exactly what Tim uses in his stream setup you’ve came to the right place.

Who Is TimTheTatman?

Tim is currently one of the biggest streamers on the twitch platform pulling in 30-60k viewers each stream. He really exploded in popularity with Fortnite but now mainly plays Warzone.

He frequently plays with other streamers such as Nick Mercs and Cloakzy.

Tim has came a long way, from streaming in his bedroom to staring in a superbowl commercial. He has been streaming since 2012 starting with Call of Duty Black Ops II. When Tim started streaming he had a full time job however in 2014 he managed to pull together enough viewers in the TatManArmy to go full time.

He’s been exploding in popularity since. Tim’s setup has also came a long way in this period of time. He went from taping his webcam to his wall to the setup we are going to show you today.

TimTheTatMans Stream Gear


TimTheTatman uses the Razer Deathadder Elite Gaming Mouse.


TimTheTatman uses the Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard


TimTheTatman uses the LG 27GL850 144hz Monitor


Tim uses the Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT Headphones

Mouse Pad

TimTheTatman uses the Razer Gigantus: Ultra Large Gaming Mat


TimTheTatman uses the Audio Technica BP40 microphone.


TimTheTatMan uses the GoXLR Mixer for his live streams.


TimTheTatMan uses the Panasonic Lumix G7 DSLR Camera

TimTheTatMans PC Specs


TimTheTatman uses the MSI MEG Z390 gaming motherboard.


TimTheTatman uses the Intel Core i9 9900k Processor.


TimTheTatman uses the EVGA Geforce RTX 2080TI Graphics Card


Tim uses 32GB Teamgroup T-Force X calibur RAM.

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What Is TimTheTatMans Stream Setup Gear?

As Tim has grown his stream he’s also upgraded his stream setup overtime. He now has some of the best streaming gear on the market. If you want to get a high end streaming setup then Tims setup is a good place to start.

What Mouse Does TimTheTatMan Use?

Tim uses the Razer Deathadder Elite mouse. This is one of Razers most popular mice and is the same mouse I use myself. It fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and has two extra programable buttons on the side of the mouse. If your playing FPS games like Tim this is more than enough customization.

The mouse buttons are all optical meaning they use infrared light to register clicks. This means 0 latency, precise clicks and longer life.

The mouse has a max DPI of 20,000 meaning you’re going to get nothing but flawless accuracy when gaming. Overall it’s a great mouse and will be a great addition to your streaming setup.

What Keyboard Does TimTheTatman Use?

Tim is also repping Razer as his Keyboard brand. He uses the Razer Huntsman Elite gaming keyboard. It’s a full sized mechanical keyboard and comes with either Clicky optical (Purple) or Linear Optical (Red) key switches.

If you love RGB this will also make a great addition to your setup with full RGB backlighting customizable in Razers chroma program. You can really come up with some crazy backlighting for your keyboard.

The keyboard has great ergonomics and comes with a cushioned wrist rest which is great for long gaming sessions on stream. The keyboard also has many extra features. All keys are macro-programmable and you can program them on the fly using the macro recording hot key.

What Monitor Does TimTheTatMan Use?

Tim has a sponsorship with LG and uses the LG 27GL850 144hz Monitor. This is a 1440p 144hz monitor which is important when it comes to FPS games.

Having a 144hz monitor allows you to see up to 144 frames per second on your monitor giving you an edge over players who are only seeing 60 FPS.

This is a top of the range monitor with a Nano IPS display. This has an extended color gamut of 135% sRGB or 98% DCI-P3, which enhances the clarity of the visuals when compared to other IPS displays. This enables the display to deliver more vibrant and lifelike colors making it easier for Tim to spot his enemies on the battlefield.

What Headset Does TimTheTatman Use?

Tim uses the Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT headphones. On a price to performance basis these headphones are great. Compared to similar headphones in their price range such as Beats these have much higher audio quality.

This makes them great for gamers to hear your opponents in intense situations. Having a good audio setup as a gamer or streamer is probably one of the biggest advantages you can get on your opponents.

What Mouse Pad Does TimTheTatMan Use?

Tim is using the Razer Gigantus: Ultra large gaming mat. As the name suggests this mat is a giant giving him plenty of room to get accurate with his shots in FPS games.

What Mic Does TimTheTatMan Use?

Tim is using the Audio Technica BP40 microphone. This dynamic diaphragm microphone is great for Tim as it allows his audience to hear his deep booming voice clearly in a rich natural way.

In terms of the design of the mic it capsule shaped. Its optimized positioning of the capsule helps to keep an impressive vocal presence.

This makes it the perfect mic for TimTheTatMans setup.

What Mixer Does TimTheTatMan Use?

Tim uses the Go XLR mixer which is a go to for most large twitch streamers. This is a great multi channel mixer allowing Tim to route his audio from his game, chat, stream pc etc all through to his stream so you can hear everything perfectly.

The GO XLR is also great for adding effects to your voice such as reverb, echo, pitch, shift, megaphone and robot so you can hard tune your voice in real-time.

There is no need need to be an expert to use this mixer like many others out there. This is designed to be easy to use for anyone and enhance the audio on your streams.

What Webcam Does TimTheTatMan Use?

You may have looked at Tims webcam and thought it looked pretty damn good. Well technically it’s not a webcam. He’s using the Panasonic Lumix G7 DSLR Camera. Using a camera like this is a great way to improve your stream quality.

Compared to some of the cameras out there on the market the G7 is actually fairly reasonably priced. Tims G7 gives him a super crisp image in his regular just chatting streams. It allows him to go full screen camera without any loss in quality.

If your just looking to use a webcam for your gameplay overlay this camera may be a little overkill but if you plan on doing just chatting streams or want a super crisp image the G7 is a great choice.

What Motherboard Does TimTheTatMan use?

At the foundations of Tims PC is the MSI MEG Z390 gaming motherboard. For Tims gaming PC he needs to make sure there is no throttling issues with his other components which is why this expensive motherboard is the basis for his gaming PC.

This a premium gaming motherboard which supports intel processors (LGA1151), dual channel DDR4 memory and M.2 memory.

The mother board has 3x M.2 Memory slots supporting up to 32GB/s data transfer while the M.2 Shield Frozr prevents any thermal throttling.

What Processor Does TimTheTatMan Use?

Tim uses an unlocked i9 9900k intel processor in his streaming setup. This is a go to processor for many streamers as it’s able to handle the workload of streaming and gaming at the same time. Even though Tim has a dual PC stream setup the i9 9900k is more than enough to power Triple A games.

When it comes to gaming and streaming at the same time heat becomes an issue in your setup. The i9 runs cooled than most processors due to having an integrated heat spreader. This helps with heat dissipation and helps to keep running your games smoothly without crashing or lag spikes in your games.

This processor is great for anyone looking to get into streaming as it has 8 cores running at 5GHZ with the ability to be overclocked. This is a great choice for streaming and gaming simultaneously.

What Is TimTheTatMans Graphics Card?

Tim is still using an RTX 2080TI. While this is an absolute powerhouse of a graphics card you can likely get more value for money with a RTX 3070 which is a newer card.

Having a powerful graphics card is the most important part of your PC gaming setup. An RTX 2080Ti will play most games at max graphics 1080p & 1440p without to many issues. As you start to try pushing it to 4k you will definitely see some performance drops.

If you’re streaming and gaming at the same time we would recommend gaming in 1080p for the best performance.

What RAM Does TimTheTatMan Use?

Time uses 32GB Teamgroup T-Force X Calibur RAM. 32GB is definitely enough to power Tims setup especially as he is running a dual PC setup.

Having enough RAM allows you to run multiple programs at the same time without bottlenecking which is important for streamers. You should be able to get away with just 16GB of ram in your setup but 32GB makes it certain that you won’t run into any issues.

That’s it for Tim’s current setup. Hopefully this has helped you guys out if you’re potentially building your own stream setups.

Tim may change his setup regularly. If you think we may have got something wrong above or it is outdated please let us know down in the comments so we can update it!

Happy streaming!

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