Livestreaming is a huge part of the online entertainment industry, and most of the time, when someone mentions streaming, you think of Twitch. However, streaming is not limited to Twitch since many content creators choose to spread their content to other platforms, one of those being Youtube.

Youtube streaming is sometimes looked on as inferior to Twitch streaming, but the content that some creators dish out on Youtube is just as entertaining as content you can find anywhere. To help you find a new streamer to enjoy and watch daily, we have prepared this list of the best Youtube live streamers in 2022.

Top 10 Youtube Live Streamers In 2022


DrDisRespect used to be one of the most prominent Twitch streamers in history, mostly because of his energetic and extremely entertaining PUBG streams. He has recently made the shift over to Youtube Gaming to keep creating content for his loyal viewers who will follow him no matter what.

He is quite noticeable as a personality because of his wig and red vest that he wears on every stream. At the time of writing, most of his content revolves around Fortnite and other battle royals, but he is also playing The Last of Us Part 2 for some story driven-gameplay.

Credit: Crypto Adventure

Overall, if you’re looking for a streamer with a bombastic personality and some top-tier gameplay, you can’t go wrong with Dr DisRespect!


Sykkuno is a fairly popular streamer who usually enjoys delivering content from the variety sphere of gaming for his viewers. The game he plays the most is Among Us because you can have a ton of fun in the game’s lobbies and when you include some viewers as well, it becomes even more fun.

Other than that, Sykkuno also enjoys collaborating with other Youtube streamers like Ludwig to just talk and play some games. This streamer always tries his best to maintain a chill atmosphere where anyone can join in on the fun and talk to the community.

Credit: Fortnite

Even though Sykkuno has only recently made the switch over to Youtube streaming, he is steadily becoming a huge presence and more than worth watching!


Valkyrae is one of those content creators that is entertaining to watch no matter what she does. Whether it’s just sitting around and talking or intensely gaming, Valkyrae is constantly finding ways to entertain her viewers and provide them with the highest-quality content possible.

Most of her content revolves around League of Legends and different variety games like RAFT, Among Us, and many others. Apart from gaming, Valkyrae also has a notable social media presence, interacting with popular artists like Bella Poarch and other streamers.

Credit: Youtube

She often collaborates with other Youtube streamers like Sykkuno and representatives of 100Thieves of TSM. If you’re looking for a streamer who is unbelievably entertaining and fun to listen to, Valkyrae is for you!


Just like DrDisRespect, TimTheTaman is another massive Twitch figure that has made the move to Youtube. He usually streams the most popular battle royale games, with Call of Duty: Warzone taking up the majority of the time.

Tim is a very positive and energetic person who loves donating money to charity and supporting charitable organizations. He has established a notable presence in the gaming sphere of the Internet and has made a name for himself as an elite gamer and even better entertainer.

Credit: Looper

It is very important for content creators to be entertaining as well as be experienced in the content they make, and TimTheTatman is a perfect example of that. If you’re looking for chill streams you can lose yourself in, look no further!


CouRage is another popular Youtube streamer as well as one of the first streamers to switch from Twitch to Youtube. Like many other streamers on this list, he creates content chiefly surrounding Fortnite and Warzone, simply because both of those games are massively fun and popular, so why not?

Aside from standard Fortnite gameplay, he also does random Fortnite challenges, as well as some funny react content. When it comes to his experience in the gaming and e-sports sphere, he is a co-owner of 100Thieves and has been producing e-sports content for years.

Credit: eSports

His longstanding image in the industry has cemented his reputation as a knowledgeable source of information and one of the best streamers to watch. If you want to experience a new stream that is both crazy and funny, CouRage is for you!


Ludwig is another sensational Internet personality who has recently crossed over to Youtube Gaming after a very long and successful career as a Twitch streamer.

One of the reasons he is popular is because of the record he set on Mario Party 4 for a button-mashing minigame, beating an AI bot that was designed for that purpose and is supposed to be faster than humanly possible.

Credit: Youtube

Most of his streams revolve around him playing Super Smash Bros and other variety games, where he always tries to include his viewers in the fun. At the time of writing, he has just uploaded a VOD of himself 1v1-ing viewers for money, so you can see exactly how much he loves playing with his fanbase.

Other than that, Ludwig is very outgoing, funny, and an absolute pleasure to listen to.


Here we have another Fortnite gamer that has established a great base for his content to flourish and prosper. TypicalGamer streams daily, usually for 3+ hours, so you can expect to be able to tune in every day and get the same high-quality content.

He is very consistent, and the commentary he provides on his streams is very insightful and entertaining. He also has a strong presence in the Fortnite esports scene. If you’re a fan of Fortnite and want to enjoy high-level gameplay, then you should absolutely check out TypicalGamer.

Credit: Heavy Bullets

We have added him to this list because he is a rising star in the community, and since he started streaming, he has amassed one of the largest audiences on Youtube live streaming.

VALORANT Champions Tour

This isn’t a streamer as much as it is an organization solely dedicated to delivering excellent Valorant content to you on a daily basis. The Valorant Champions Tour follows the most popular and most important Valorant tournaments, covering new events in the game, best players, and much, much more.

Even though they have been streaming for around a year at the time of writing, they have amassed a very large audience that watches them religiously. This is largely due to the fact that aside from reporting the Valroant content, they present it in a way that is extremely pleasant to watch.

Credit: RedJacket

The sleek imagery and high-quality commentary set this channel apart from others. If you’re a new player looking to enjoy the Valorant pro scene, then this channel is for you!


And now we come to possibly the most unique and most energetic streamer on this list – Speed. Speed has created a massive name for himself on many social media outlets mainly because of his insane outbursts when something happens in a game.

He frequently does backflips that usually end up with his computer falling on him, he shakes his setup so much that his camera disconnects, he screams so loud that his microphone can’t register the sound, and so much more.

Credit: Youtube

His crazy behavior is the main reason many of his fans tune in to watch him regularly, and if you’re looking for a hilarious, unforgettable experience, check out IShowSpeed!


And finally, we have another Fortnite streamer that has gained tons of experience over the many years he has been streaming. His content is very interesting and it lets you invest a lot of attention to him, and just as easily stop.

Other than his Fortnite/Fortnite tournament content, he also plays other games that are popular at the moment. Of course, they aren’t just battle royals since he also loves to delve into RPGs like Demon’s Souls and social games like Among Us.

Credit: CNBC

The wide variety of videos and themes that DrLupo covers are the main reason you and everyone else will love him. Everyone is welcome to join in on the fun and interact with the community, so you should tune in some time!

Wrapping Up

That would be all when it comes to the best Youtube Live streamers! We tried to include a lot of different personalities and types of content so that there is something for everyone. We sincerely hope that we have introduced you to your new favorite streamer and that the content you watch from them is both fulfilling and fun!

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