Have you just picked up a stream deck from Elgato? It’s probably one of the best devices for increasing the production value on your stream. It allows you to easily switch scenes, play sounds, make transitions, mute mic and whatever else you can come up with to program into it. However there is nothing worse than hitting the incorrect button at the wrong time. This can ruin jokes, have your viewers watching the wrong scene etc.

So, how do we solve this problem? Icon packs! There are lots of places selling icon packs for your stream deck. These are custom icons which you can upload to your stream deck so you know which button is mapped to a certain command.

Let’s jump in and take a look at some of the best icon packs on the market for your stream deck.

Where To Find Icon Packs For Stream Deck?

More and more services are popping up all the time for icon packs. Below we have selected a few of the best for you to check out.

Own3d.tv Icon Packs (Paid)

Own3d is one of our favourite graphics creators on the market for overlays, sub badges and now icon packs. They have a whole new section on their website dedicated to icons for your stream deck.

You can see a few of them below. They have lots of different styles available with over 25+ different icon packs available.

Each pack comes with:

  • 188 high-quality animated Stream Deck icons for every use case
  • Incl. matching skin for your Elgato Stream Deck ( Normal: 3 x 5 buttons )
  • Included: JPEG & Gif file & PSD file – Optional: Stream Deck Skin
  • Direct download & ready to use
  • Optimise your Stream Deck and make it the visual highlight on your desk!

Personally I really like how they provide you with the PSD files as you can make small customisations to the icons if you need to.

Elgato Key Creator (Free)

If you want to create your own custom stream keys Elgato has an amazing free tool that allows you to create custom keys. While it is a little more tedious than downloading an icon pack, it is free and gives you a lot more customisation.

The tool has 100s of icons which you can choose from when using the creator. You can then edit the background colors, fonts, sizes etc to customise each key to your brand.

Once you have created your key, just click on the save key button and a png file will download to your computer ready for use. You can now use that key on your Elgato stream deck.

If you are just looking for a few specific keys this might be your best option as it is free.

Nerd Or Die Icon Packs (Cheap)

Nerd or die have 6 options on their site for Icon packs. While it’s not the largest collection of designs they do come in at relatively cheap prices.

Nerd or Die has an interesting pricing strategy where on a lot of their items you can “pay what you want”. Essentially you make a donation for how much you think the pack is worth.

If you do decide to pick up a pack from Nerd or Die we do recommend leaving them a small tip even if it is small as they do put a lot of work into their packs.

Personally I really like their Nova pack which is featured above. You can pick it up for a donation of your choice.

Once you have purchased a pack you can instantly download them for use on your stream deck.

Visuals By Impulse (Free/Premium)

Visuals by impulse is another highly rated store in the streaming community. They have been making amazing looking overlays for years. They now also have stream deck icons on their platform.

They have 31 stream deck icon packs to choose from with some of them being free. If you use your stream deck for editing in premiere or photoshop work they also have packs for these programs allowing you to quickly speed up your workflow in style.

Most of their streamer focused packs are free so if you are on a budget I highly recommend checking out these packs.

One of my favourite packs on their store is the Valhalla Pack. It is inspired by Viking lore and Assassins creed. If you’re a fan this might be the pack for you. Best of all it’s 100% free.

Fiverr Custom Stream Deck Items (Paid)

If none of these pre-made icon packs do it for you, then you might want to have your own created. One of the cheapest places to get stream deck icons created is fiverr. Compared to a service such as overlays there is not as many designers but there are still a few.

If you are looking something custom it is worth checking out.

How To Install Stream Deck Icons

Once you have chosen and downloaded a pack of your choice you will need to get the icons installed onto your stream deck. So, how do you do it? This video below has you covered and goes through everything you need to know about uploading your icons to your stream deck.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully by now you have found yourself an amazing stream deck that you love the look of and have it installed. It’s a simple little touch that really can make your stream setup look next level. Enjoy streaming and setting up those crazy macros with your stream deck.

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