There are two types of Streamers in today’s modern world: Streamers that use voice changers for gaming. And Streamers who are wrong. 

We’re kidding. 

Look, you’ve probably noticed that voice modulators are becoming insanely popular amongst Twitch creators, but maybe you’re a little overwhelmed at the choices. Fear not, gamer!

Whatever you need, Get On Stream has an option for everybody. Keep reading to discover some of the best voice changer software available for download today.

Top 5 Voice Changers for Twitch & Discord


Founded in 2014 by brothers Jaime, Fernando and Juan Bosch, Voicemod aims to provide premium voice modulation and sound effects to the gaming and streaming world at large. When users easy-install Voicemod for the first time, you’ll discover that most of its features are free.

This includes a constantly changing library of 20 preset voices (male to female voice changers, autotune voice changers and more), sound effects and the Voice Lab – a feature that allows you to mix and match custom voice modes. However, for access to their entire library and some other key features, users will have to pay a subscription fee (quarterly or yearly) or an outright fee of $60. 


  • Integration with games, Discord and Twitch
  • Wide range of voice effects
  • Sound effects
  • Voice Lab


  • Partial access for free users
  • Premium cost

MorphVox Pro 5

A premium contender to the Voicemod experience, MorphVox Pro features many free voices, sound packs and even background ambience you can apply, to make your friends think you’re stuck in a traffic jam or shopping in the mall. As per the website, MorphVox is optimized for online gaming, allowing you to transform into your favorite characters, be them grumpy dwarves or mighty giants. Some of the other cool tricks include state of the art noise reduction and live vocal visualization. Not too shabby. 

Users can try out MorphVox for free but will need to purchase a license for $39.99


  • Integration with games, Discord and Twitch
  • Free Trial
  • State-of-the-Art Noise Reduction
  • Vocal Visualization
  • Background Ambience


  • Partial access for free users
  • No Voice Lab

AV Voice Changer Diamond

Unequivocally the most expensive voice modulator on our list, AV Voice Changer Diamond offers a professional level of premium features such as voice manipulation, sound effects, in-house audio editing and more for a hefty asking price.

But what separates the AV Voice Changer from its competitors? 

We would argue that its wavelength editor, voice mimicking options and “nickvoices”, a selection of preset voices for quick use with online identities, could be worth the spend. 


  • Professional-level voice effects
  • Sound effects
  • Edit audio files
  • Voice Mimicking
  • Nickvoices


  • Only free for 14 days
  • Expensive
  • Simple and bland UI


Arguably the most popular voice changer for Discord, Clownfish integrates directly into your PC and laptop to deliver a small but reliable package of pre-set voices that are selectable from your taskbar. Other features include sound effects, a voice assistant for text to speech and a music player. However, what’s most desirable about Clownchanger is that it’s a voice changer for free. 

You pay nothing. Nada. No strings attached. 

Clownfish is the Get On Stream recommendation for streamers who want to explore call voice change and more but don’t want to spend a penny. 


  • Cheap
  • Taskbar Integration
  • Sound Effects
  • Voice Assistant
  • Music Player


  • Limited preset voices
  • Basic UI

iMyFone MagicMic

Our final contender is a pre-set giant, offering a whopping 200+ voice and sound effects library to satisfy all your needs. The Magic Mic (don’t let the name fool you, it’s not for phones OR strippers) also delivers direct game integration but unfortunately not much more. 

This option would be a great middle ground between paid software and a free option. Thankfully, MagicMic allows new users to try their library of voice change effects for free. But if you’re wanting the full package, you can select a subscription or purchase a lifetime license for $39.99 


  • 200+ Voice and Sound Effects
  • Game Integration
  • Free package
  • Attractive UI


  • Partial access for free users
  • Limited flexibility
  • Lack of alternative features

Wrapping Up

Armed with some of the best voice modulation software on the web, you, streamer, are ready to tackle the world of gaming in a whole new way. Your audience will thank us but we are humble.

We just want to see you succeed. So get out there! Make some laughs happen.

We’ll see you in the next tutorial.

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