Moderation and proper censorship are vital when you want to run a successful platform that many users can access. Twitch has had some problems moderating the chat section to restrict racial slurs and other offenses. Still, they have steadily improved their rules over time to provide a better viewing experience.

There are numerous words that Twitch has banned from all of their chats, and that viewers should do well to avoid. We’re going to cover the banned words on Twitch and give you a list you can use to build a banned words list for your chat.

Twitch Banned Words List

The list of banned words is extensive and quite vulgar, so we aren’t going to list them in this article. However, we will provide you with links so you can see exactly what you need to avoid. Ultimately your common sense should come into play.

“If you have to ask, don’t say it” – This is a rule to live by on Twitch.

I recommend checking out the resources below and adding these words and phrases to your banned words section on Twitch. This will stop these words from appearing in your chat, helping to keep it clean and friendly.

Go through these links one by one and add them to your banned words list. This is the best place to start. If you think that there is anything specific to your stream you would want to ban, also add that to the list.

You should also be cautious if you are using text-to-speech or donations through another platform as people will try to sneak banned words in there. Make sure to add this list to them platforms as well.

How To Add Banned Words On Twitch

Now you have the list put together you need to add these to the banned words section on your channel. Follow the steps below to create the list:

  1. Go to Twitch and click on your profile picture in the top right-hand corner
  2. Select Creator Dashboard
  3. Click on Settings –> Moderation
  4. Select “Blocked Terms and Phrases”
Twitch blocked terms and phrases settings
  1. Here you can add all of the phrases you want blocked on your channel
Twitch words or phrases settings

In this moderation section, there is another featured called automod. I would also recommend enabling it. When you enable it you can choose how strict you want the automod to be on certain subjects. You can adjust this to your liking.

Twitch Automod

Automod will not automatically block messages. It holds them for review by you or a moderator.

What Kinds Of Words Are Banned On Twitch?

Apart from the list we have provided here, there are many more words that have to be put into a specific context in order to understand why they are negative. Of course, there are the usual swear words many negative people use, but you also have words that fall under certain undesirable categories:

  1. Racial targeting. Usually used to insult and target specific races and minorities, trying to pull humor out of the situation. Don’t do this, it’s just not smart.
  2. Homophobic and sexist remarks. Moving on, we also have undesirable remarks made against people of the LGBTQ+ community, as well as people who express their sexuality a certain way. Words that taint the image of these people can be considered hate speech, just as in any other words class we have listed here.
  3. Inciting violence. Any words that express any sort of violence over an individual or group can create undesirable responses and a negative mental impact, so they should also be avoided.
  4. Mocking language. You also have words and phrases that bullies like to use against people that look a certain way or seem to behave in a way that is outside the norm. No one can or should nose their way into other people’s situations and should refrain from making fun of them.
  5. Political and religious beliefs. No matter what, you should not incite violence toward other users who have opposite religious or political ideals from you. They have the right to stand with and believe in anything they want, so this type of speech is also undesirable.

Acts Of Violence

Acts of violence are also very frowned upon in the Twitch community. This is not tied to the chat as much as it is to the streamer, who can get permanently banned for instigating and performing acts of violence on their stream. This usually comes in the form of harming other people or themselves.

Do Not DOX People

Something that you should absolutely never do is dox people. Doxxing is the act of spreading personal information about an individual online, usually with ill intentions toward them.

Doxxing can often lead to swatting, which is when users report drugs and other dangerous activities at a streamer’s house, resulting in them getting raided by special police.

Is The Word “Simp” Banned On Twitch?

Yes, the word simp is banned on Twitch. Aside from simp, you also have virgin and incel. With the times changing, these words have also been banned because they carry some negative connotations for specific groups of people.

Where Can You Find The Twitch Terms of Service?

Being familiar with all of the aspects and rules of Twitch is great for making sure that you can stay as safe as possible on the platform. If you want to read up on the many rules and regulations of Twitch, check out their TOS here.

Wrapping Up

And there you have all of the words that are banned on Twitch! Being negative in any well-moderated space is not very nice, so you should keep these words and rules in mind if you don’t want to get banned. We sincerely hope that what you’ve read today has given you all the information you needed!

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