Many of the people who first get started on Twitch have the same ambitious goal: hit partner and get that coveted checkmark. There’s nothing quite like the dream of “making it” on Twitch, and getting to partner is one of the best ways to know you’ve managed to crack the code.

But getting partnered with Twitch isn’t easy.

There are a bunch of requirements that you have to think of and meet before you can even apply to the Twitch Partner Program. Meeting the specified requirements will then unlock the button for you to apply for partner.

Unfortunately, just because this button is unlocked doesn’t mean you’ll actually make it! There are no guarantees — many streamers actually end up having to apply multiple times to get partnered. Some never make it at all!

Now, before you get discouraged, it’s important to first find out what Twitch is actually looking for in its partners.

In this guide, we’ll look at the Twitch Partner Program, its benefits, the actual requirements to get in, and the unspoken qualifications you’ll also have to meet in the process. Let’s get right to it!

What Is the Twitch Partner Program?

Twitch says that the Twitch Partner Program is for people dedicated to streaming. The program is for streamers who have made it far enough into their streaming journey to level up.

Twitch Partner is the highest rung on the “ladder,” so to speak. It goes from streamer to affiliate and finally, to partner.

According to Twitch, they want their partners to be the best representation of their platform. Partners should be role models to their audiences and to the greater community.

Benefits of Becoming Partnered with Twitch

There’s far more to becoming a partner than just getting that coveted checkmark next to your name.

Back in the day, people wanted desperately to get partner because partners unlocked more emote slots (remember when affiliates used to get only five emotes max?). Well, even though affiliates get a lot more emote slots now, partners still get way more. As a partner, you can unlock up to fifty emotes!

You also unlock the ability to run ads, get subs, and receive bits by becoming an affiliate. However, as a partner, you can usually make much more. Here’s how partners have it better than affiliates:

  • Twitch partners usually get a higher cut from subscriptions, depending on their negotiated rate with Twitch
  • Affiliates and partners can customize their bit badges, but only partners can customize their cheermotes to make them fit even better into their channel’s branding
  • Partners usually get a bigger cut from the ads shown on their channel compared to affiliates. Additionally, partners are often offered a baseline monthly rate for their ads (plus the cut of ad revenue) — as long as they meet the metrics required

There are plenty of other benefits to becoming partner. Let’s look at them below:

  • Custom emote prefix – no more silly prefix with numbers! You can finally set your own prefix for your emotes so it’s much easier to remember and type.
  • More sub badges – partners get more than just a year’s worth of sub badges!
  • Free lifetime sub for your bot – no more gifting subs to Nightbot or Stream Elements (or your personal bot).
  • Up to three more lifetime subs – you can gift these lifetime subs to your mods, closest friends, and family. The number you unlock depends entirely on the number of subscribers you have.
  • Extended VOD storage – your VODs get stored for two months (sixty days) as a partner. Affiliates only get two weeks!
  • Get priority Twitch support – as a partner, you get access to Twitch’s dedicated partner-only support squad. Seeking help in Partner Help will get you a response as quickly as 24-48 hours (business days only).
  • Twitch team – you can create your own!
  • Permanent GUARANTEED transcoding – now, you no longer have to worry about restarting your stream several times just to make sure you get video quality options for your viewers.

You also get access to partner-only benefits like sponsorships, spotlights, events, meet and greets, and more.

Exciting stuff, right? Absolutely!

But before you can get all of these benefits, you must first meet the partner requirements on the platform.

Twitch Partnership Requirements

It’s time to talk about what Twitch requires for you to apply to partner!

The biggest thing you’ll have to do is to complete Twitch’s Path to Partner achievements. To unlock the Path to Partner track, you must first complete and be accepted into the affiliate program.

Twitch Path to Partner

Path to Partner looks at your stream’s stats for the past thirty days. You’ll need to complete:

  1. Stream for 25 hours in total
  2. Stream on twelve different days (so divide those 25 hours!)
  3. Average 75 concurrent viewers during those 25 hours+ streamed

The first two of these requirements are super easy. You just have to stream a few hours a day for twelve hours, right? Easy enough.

Where it gets hard is the 75 concurrent viewers.

This is the most challenging requirement when it comes to getting partner, not only because it can be incredibly challenging to build your audience but also because viewers gained from hosts and raids do not count. Front page features, premieres, reruns, and subscriber streams also do not count. You will have to hit those 75 concurrent viewers organically.

However, meeting the path to partner requirement only unlocks the button to let you apply to the program. It’s not the last stop in terms of Twitch’s selection criteria.

You must also:

  • Have content that fits and conforms to Twitch’s community guidelines, DMCA guidelines, and Terms of service (so if you want to get partnered, you may want to make sure any music you play on your channel is legal, licensed, and/or copyright-free!)
  • Be able to maintain the path to partner criteria consistently

So even if you unlock the button to let you apply, if you have DMCA strikes on your channel, or if you’ve previously been suspended or banned for violating the Twitch ToS, your chances of getting partnered might be affected.

Twitch also usually wants to ensure that you’re actually able to keep your path to partner numbers consistently and that it’s not a fluke. So if you apply once and get declined, you may have to wait a few months to ensure you have the stats before you apply again.

It may take many, many tries. Don’t get disheartened!

Twitch’s Tips for Getting Partnered

Other than the requirements listed here, Twitch has also put out some tips to help streamers aspiring to get partnered.

Here is what Twitch has to say on that matter:

  • Twitch wants the best streamers the Twitch community and platform has to offer. They want partners who have a large viewership, but that’s not enough — they also want these streamers to have built a strong community.
  • Twitch’s ideal partners are able to produce great (ToS and DMCA-friendly) content and can engage with their audience.
  • Content is a big part of your stream — do your best to produce amazing quality content while having fun.
  • While live, you should be professional and active while still interacting with your viewers. (Editor’s note: “professional” is subjective… for many streamers, just having fun and hanging out with their community is their concept of professional — so do what you want, as long as you’re not breaking any rules!)
  • Consistency is key.

And finally, Twitch has left three more parting tips. First, don’t get discouraged! Getting accepted on the first try is never guaranteed. Twitch encourages users to reapply, but only when the time is right.

That leads us to Twitch tip number two: don’t apply every week! Twitch says that you should wait at least a month (or thirty days from the last time you applied for partner) before you make another attempt just to make sure you are able to keep your numbers and even grow them.

The last tip from Twitch? Remember to have fun!

Wrapping Up

Getting partnered on Twitch is a huge achievement for everyone. Of course, there are the lucky few who somehow instantly manage to get partnered after a few months on the platform. But for most other streamers, getting partnered takes a lot of hard, consistent work and showing up for streams.

If getting partnered is your goal, remember that it can take a while. Don’t get discouraged and just keep working at it — and remember to have fun along the way!

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