Attention Valorant recruits. Patch 8.10 just landed, and while it might not be a massive overhaul, it brings some improvements you don’t want to miss. 

This Valorant Patch Update focuses on making things smoother, especially for new players. The welcome contract is being replaced with a clearer basic training event. This Valorant Patch Update will guide fresh recruits through the ropes, making them comfortable before jumping into Ranked. 

Speaking of improvements, this Valorant Patch Update also tackles a couple of pesky bugs. Cypher players, a sneaky exploit that allowed you to fire shots without the animation is no more, thanks to this Valorant Patch Update. For everyone else, a bug affecting the timer for Clove’s Pick-Me-Up ability has also been squashed with this Valorant Patch Update. 

Overall, Patch 8.10 is a minor update, but it should make things a bit more polished for all. Are you ready to jump in and test out the changes brought by this Valorant Patch Update? 


Valorant Patch 8.10 introduces the Basic Training Event, designed to provide a more guided and rewarding experience for new players. The update also addresses some bugs related to agent abilities. Here’s a breakdown of the key updates: 

Basic Training Event: Valorant Patch update 

  • This update revamped the onboarding experience for new players, replacing the welcome contract with the basic training event. 
  • The goal is to provide clearer missions and milestones, making it easier for new players to navigate the game and understand the steps involved before jumping into Ranked mode. 
  • If you’re a new player, the Basic Training Event will guide you through the initial learning phase. 
  • For players who have already completed the Welcome Contract, you’ll still have earned the same rewards, and the Basic Training Event won’t be visible. 
  • Partially completed Welcome Contracts will reflect your progress in the Basic Training Event. 

Valorant Patch Update: Agent Bug Fixes 

Cypher: A bug with Cypher’s Spycam (E) ability is resolved. Previously, if you fired a weapon immediately after exiting the Spycam, the animation for raising the weapon wouldn’t play, and the shot wouldn’t register any damage. This patch ensures the weapon raise animation completes properly before allowing you to fire.

Valorant Patch Update

Clove : Clove is not a playable agent in Valorant. It’s possible the information you found is incorrect, or it might be referring to an unreleased agent codenamed “Clove”. There was an issue where the timer for Clove’s Pick-Me-Up (C) ability could be reset under certain circumstances. This allowed Clove to have more time than intended to activate the ability. This bug has been fixed, and the timer will now function as designed.


Valorant Patch 8.10 focuses on improving the new player experience with a revamped welcome contract. The update introduces a new Basic Training Event that provides clearer missions and milestones to guide new players through the initial stages of the game. This should help them learn the ropes and be better prepared for competitive play. 

While there are no major agent or weapon balancing changes, the patch fixes some bugs including one with Cypher’s Spycam and another with Killjoy’s Clove ability.

Overall, Patch 8.10 is a minor update that aims to improve the onboarding experience for new players and address a couple of agent ability bugs.

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