Full NameEvan Verhulst
Age19 Years Old
Date of Birth27th November 2002
Twitch Following180K 

Who is Evan Verhulst?

In the world of Twitch streaming, it is extremely hard to crack into the upper echelon of gamers; even seasoned veterans find it hard to make it to the top. However, in the case of one young Apex Legends playing star, that isn’t the case. 

Enter Apex Legends teenage sensation Evan Verhulst. Evan is a nineteen-year-old streamer who has been tearing up the land of Apex since he stepped onto the scene. 

Initially signed up to ESA gaming, he switched to Team Solo Mid at the very end of 2021. 

He terrorizes people under the alias of Verhulst, bringing pride to his real last name, a commendable act if we don’t say so ourselves.

Evan Verhulst Apex Legend Settings

Gameplay Settings

As far as gameplay settings go, Verhulst has pretty regular gameplay settings. One thing you will notice when seeing the settings of Verhulst or any top streamer is that they will always have an option between “Toggle” and “Hold” as the latter, e.g. Jetpack Control.

Interact Prompt StyleCompact
Button HintsOn 
Crosshair Damage FeedbackX w/Shield Icon
Damage NumbersStacking
Ping OpacityFaded
Minimap RotationOff
Weapon Auto-Cycle on EmptyOff 
Auto SprintOn 
Double Tap SprintOff 
Jetpack ControlHold
Incoming Damage Feedback20/30 (Both)
Taking Damage Closes Deathbox or Drafting MenuOff
Streamer ModeOff 
Anonymous ModeEnabled
Usage SharingDisabled
Performance DisplayOn
Club InvitesEnabled
Verhulst Apex Gameplay Settings

Controller Settings

Evan Verhulst uses a default Xbox Series X Controller, with no paddles on the back. He keeps the vibration feedback from the game off to avoid disturbing his direction and aim. 

Button LayoutCustomized
Stick LayoutDefault
Interact/Reload ButtonTap to use and reload
Crouch ButtonHold
Aim ButtonHold
Survival Slot ButtonOn
Trigger DeadzonesNone
Menu Cursor Speed40
Verhulst Controller Settings

Movement / Aiming

Verhulst does not use Advanced Look Controls, i.e., ALC. Though you can adjust how you look and move quite a bit, Verhulst prefers the standard settings as most people do. 

Look Sensitivity4
Look Sensitivity (ADS)4
Per Optic Settings
Response CurveClassic
Look DeadzoneNone
Movement DeadzoneSmall 
Inverted LookOff

Video Settings

Even as a streamer, Verhulst puts his performance above all else. As such, he does not play the game at high graphics settings. He does not keep the screen too bright as it affects visibility when he suffers sudden attacks, especially flash/stun grenades.

Display ModeFull-Screen
Aspect Ratio16:9
Field of View110
FOV Ability ScalingDisabled
Sprint View ShakeMinimal

Advanced Video Settings

NVidia ReflexEnabled + Boosted
Adaptive Resolution FPS Target0
Texture Streaming BudgetLow
Texture FilteringBilinear
Ambient Occlusion QualityDisabled
Sun Shadow CoverageLow
Sun Shadow DetailLow
Spot Shadow DetailDisabled
Volumetric LightingDisabled
Dynamic Spot ShadowsDisabled
Model DetailLow
Effect DetailLow
Impact MarksDisabled

Audio Settings

Standard audio settings, although having the master volume at 25% might be low for some people. However, with a pair of high-quality headphones, 25% is much more effective than it sounds, and Verhulst has found a sweet spot for it.

Master Volume25
Voice Chat Input DevicePreferred Device
Voice Chat Record ModeOpen Mic
Open Mic Threshold1400
Incoming Voice Chat Volume100%
Sound Effects Volume25%
Dialogue Volume0%
Music Volume0%
Lobby Volume0%
Sound in Background Off
Play Incoming text as Chat SpeechOff
Convert Incoming Voice to Chat TextOff


Evan Verhulst is one of the best Apex Legends players in the world. At the ripe old age of 19, you can make a safe bet that he will only get better with time. Although he may not have the biggest following yet, it’s only a matter of time before this kid becomes a household name

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