Facebook Gaming is becoming a popular live streaming platform for gamers. It is easy to set up and with the popularity of Facebook, it is accessible to many.

The platform has a badge program that distinguishes one streamer from another. There are different perks too, depending on which badge you have.

With that being said, we will discuss what are Facebook Gaming badges and how to get them.

What are Facebook Gaming Badges?

Facebook Gaming badges are icons you earn for your page. These badges can be found on your gaming page’s about section. Having a Facebook Gaming badge provides you with perks that non-badge holders do not have.

There are two badges available for Facebook Gaming streamers at the moment – the Level Up badge and the Partner Badge. Both are kind of the same, but the latter is intended for streamers with a larger community.

What is the Facebook Gaming Level Up badge?

The Facebook Gaming Level Up badge is the first step toward your streaming career on Facebook. Once you earn the Level Up badge you are then allowed to monetize streams through Facebook Stars.

Another benefit of having the Level Up badge is higher streaming quality. If you are just starting out you will only have access to basic streaming resolution. But once you access the Level Up badge, you will be able to stream at 1080p full HD at 60 FPS.

How to Join the Facebook Gaming Level Up Program

Joining the Facebook Gaming Level Up program and earning the badge is easy. However, it will take a lot of effort if you want to get the badge quickly.

So here are the steps to join the Level Up Program.

  1. Create a Gaming Video Creator Page template.

If you have an existing page then it is time to convert it to a gaming video creator page. Failing to do so will not give you the Level Up badge even if you amass thousands of followers.

You may check your About Page to see if it has a gaming video creator tag. If not, change the category by clicking the edit button to the right.

  1. Have at least 100 followers.
  2. Stream game content on your Facebook Gaming Video Creator Page for at least two days within 14 days.
  3. Have a least four hours of live streaming content on your Gaming Video Creator Page within the same 14-day period.

Getting the Level Up badge is easy as long as you put in the right amount of effort. You will have to stream consistently and market your page in order to hit 100 followers. After that, you will then unlock the Level Up perks.

What are the benefits of the Facebook Gaming Level Up Badge?

Facebook Gaming Level Up badge allows you to stream in high definition 1080p at 60 FPS and you get a Level Up badge on your page. However, the most enticing benefit of this badge is the access to monetization.

Facebook Gaming has a monetization system called Facebook Stars. Your viewers may send stars on your stream and once you hit the goal, you can withdraw stars and convert them to your currency.

Level Up creators also gain access to In-Stream ads, stream raids, customized support, limited special creator events, gaming support, and creator group support.

However, these benefits are not applicable to every Level Up badge owner. It is limited to those who are eligible based on certain criteria.

What are Facebook Stars?

Facebook Stars is a feature available to streamers with a Level Up badge or a Partner badge. It is a monetization method that is similar to the Twitch subs mechanic minus the benefit of emotes.

One star is equivalent to $0.01 USD so you earn real money by playing your favorite game.

What is the Facebook Gaming Partner badge?

Earning the Facebook Gaming Partner badge is more challenging than getting the Level Up badge. It has stricter requirements due because is the next step toward monetizing your streaming career.

Facebook Gaming Partner Benefits

Here is the full list of benefits once you get accepted to the Facebook Gaming Partner program.

  • 1080p 60 FPS live streaming
  • Facebook Stars
  • Facebook Supporters
  • Subs Gifting
  • In-Stream Ads while Live
  • In-Stream Ads for VODs
  • Branded Content partnership
  • Stream Raids
  • Customized support
  • Special Creator Events
  • Gaming Support for any issue
  • Gaming Support for your gaming page
  • Creator Group Support
  • Early Access to Facebook Gaming features
  • Partner Badge
  • Community Gifting
  • Chatbots

Some of these benefits are available to Level Up badge owners at a limited capacity but with the Partner Badge, all of these are accessible without any problems.

How to become a Facebook Gaming Partner?

You may drop by your Facebook Gaming dashboard to check if you are eligible to be a partner. The application may then be submitted automatically to your dashboard.

To be eligible, all you have to do is to produce good content and hope that Facebook contacts you to be a partner.

There are criteria that Facebook follows that might get you considered to be a Facebook Gaming Partner.

  1. 3,000 engaged followers
  2. Monthly 200,000 stars

That is tough to reach compared to the Level Up badge because it is unclear what “engaged followers” mean. At the same time, the stars’ requirement is not on your hands. It depends on your viewers if they would send stars or not.

Besides the number of engaged followers and stars earned, here are the other qualities that Facebook Gaming is looking for in a partner.

  • Consistent performance with engaged followers and Stars received
  • Has a consistent stream schedule and tags the correct game for every stream
  • Promotes positivity and inclusivity in a community
  • Play fair and adheres to the Facebook Community Standards
  • Adheres to Facebook’s Terms of Service and Partner Monetization policies
  • Streams from an eligible country or region
  • Must be of legal age based on country of residence

Quick reminder though. Even if you meet the qualities mentioned above, it is not a 100% key to getting the Facebook Partner badge. It still depends on Facebook Gaming if it would contact you or not.

Wrapping Up

For viewers, Facebook Gaming Badges might seem like an indicator of what to expect from a streamer. Level Up badges are for starting streamers who are still finding their way. Facebook Partner Badges are symbols of well-established streamers who produce high-quality content.

But beyond that, Facebook Gaming badges unlock perks and benefits that will help them push forward in the competitive world of streaming.

We hope that this article on what Facebook Gaming badges are could help you in your endeavor. If you are just starting out, feel free to visit our Streamer Growth section.

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