With a new release of Call Of Duty comes brand-new game modes. So far, we have seen 7 brand new game modes available at launch, as well as a return from the original MW2.

All New Modes In Modern Warfare 2

As of yet, a total of 7 new game modes are expected to be coming to Modern Warfare 2. As always, we can expect the typical game modes such as Search and Destroy, TDM, and FFA to still be present in the game.


Objective: Fight for control over a package. Revives enabled. But, once your whole team dies, the round ends.

Knockout has just been alluded to in the reveal of Call of Duty 2. While we don’t have much information about it just yet. It is confirmed to be a 6v6 game mode where you are expected to take control of a package with your team.

Revives are enabled, and the round ends when either team dies out completely.

Prisoner Rescue

Objective: Locate the hostages and get them out alive or defend them at all costs. No respawns. Revives enabled

Prisoner Rescue is a 6v6 attack and defend round-based mode. The defenders have two prisoners that they have to keep beside them. The goal of the attackers is to get to those prisoners, pick them up and carry them to exfill.

When you pick up a prisoner, you enter Wounded Carry. Here, the prisoner will now be on your shoulders, and you’ll only be allowed to use your secondary weapon if you have one. Otherwise, you’ll have to make do with your fists.

As soon as an attacker picks a prisoner, the attackers get a few perks. They get a Radar Sweep, which lets them ping exactly where the defenders are. And the objective icon on the prisoner is now removed. So, the defenders will now have to quickly rotate back to the exfil to intercept the attackers and set up defensive positions.

Special Ops

Special Ops makes a return in Call of Duty Modern Warfare II. Based on iconic missions such as Overwatch in the original game. This seems to be a co-op based game mode where you’ll be battling against AI on various different maps.

In Special Ops, the primary draw of the game mode is the ability of both players to play an equally important role throughout the mission. For instance, one player can be the driver while the other can be a shooter leading to both need to cooperate to survive.

We can expect more information to be released about Special Ops in the next few months.


Raids is a 3v3 game mode that seems to be bringing an entirely new experience that demands teamwork and co-ordination like never before. As you can imagine, details for this particular game mode seem to be quite vague.

Currently, we aren’t sure if Raids are akin to more of a typical MMO-style raid where you’ll have to be facing off against a boss. Or if we’re expected to be battling against another team in a severely tactical setting with limited resources.

All in all, details will be revealed over the next few months. But, for now, we aren’t sure exactly as to what the Raid actually is.


Objective: Eliminate or be eliminated. Fight other players and AI combatants for a massive deathmatch.

Invasion is a 20v20 player game mode with a fun twist that is based on Ground War. There are going to be AI combatants fast roping and hot dropping across at any given point. According to the developers, the game mode aims to be super chill with no real objective except shooting about.

So, in essence, you can pick and choose how you wish to play the game mode. You can either sit on top of a roof and snipe around or be a bit more aggressive with your movements and try to rush into open areas.

If you push too far into the enemy’s base, the AI will come and hunt you. This game mode emphasizes the use of AI. So, if you like killing some computers, you’ll be right at home here.


dmz game mode

DMZ is an extraction-based game mode that loosely resembles Escape from Tarkov. This particular game mode has not been elaborated on a lot currently by the developer. But, players will be taken to a larger map than usual, wherein they’ll be expected to head to an extraction point.

Enemy teams will also hold the same agenda, so you’ll need to find loot points (just like Warzone), and head to the extraction point, which is rumored to be a chopper that finally takes you to safety.

The DMZ map is played across the entirety of Al Mazrah; the AI occupies large sections of the map, with them being foes that demand your respect. They occupy strongholds and patrol particular areas of interest. Once you are done with your objectives, you then have the option of extracting.

On top of all this, you can choose the mission you wish to play and select your playstyle. In essence, you’ll be able to craft your own story which is why the developers mention this as a truly sandbox experience.

3rd Person Mode

3rd Person Mode acts as a modifier to the original game. So, it isn’t a mode per se. But, it can be added to any other game mode, such as Invasion or Raid. Currently, the developers are hinting toward this game mode being heavily used in Search and Destroy, with VR being a priority for them in the near future.

Wrapping Up

With a plethora of new game modes coming to the mix, Modern Warfare 2 seems to be amping as the most ambitious Call of Duty title. What game mode is your favorite? Let us know in the comments down below!

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