Chances are you’ve come to this article for one of two reasons:

  1. You’re a streamer and you’ve received gifted subs in your stream
  2. You’ve been watching your favourite streamer and received a gifted sub

Either way, I’m going to explain what they are, how you can get them and how you can gift them.

What Are Twitch Gifted Subs?

Gifted subs on Twitch are subscriptions that have been gifted to other viewers by someone in your chat. Viewers not only have the ability to subscribe for themselves but can choose to gift subscriptions to other viewers. They can do this at random or choose specific people for gifted subs to go to.

If you’re a streamer and you’ve received gifted subs on your stream this means that a viewer has gifted subs to your community. They can choose to gift subs to just random people or they can gift to specific viewers.

Gifted subs last for 30 days after they were gifted.

How To Purchase Gifted Subs On Twitch

This is how you can gift subs to your favourite communities on Twitch.

  1. On the stream you want to gift subs head down to the Subscribe button (If you have already subscribed you will see a Gift a sub button) Click the button to bring up the subscription options menu.
  1. If you’re not subbed on the menu click the gift button to pull up the gifted sub-menu.
  1. If you’re gifting to random viewers you can now select how many subs you want to gift to the community. You can choose between 1-100 at one time.
  2. If you want to gift a sub to a specific viewer click the ‘Gift to A Specific Viewer’ and the menu below will appear.
  1. Type in the username of the person you want to gift the subs too. If you want to gift anonymously select the ‘Gift Anonymously’ box. You can choose between gifting them a Tier 1,2 or 3 sub.
  2. Finish off your purchase by continuing to the order page and completing your order.

If you didn’t select to gift anonymously a message will now appear in chat showing that you gifted X amount of subs to the stream.

Do Streamers Get Money From Gifted Subs?

Yes, just like a normal subscription on Twitch the streamer will get a cut of the gifted subscriptions. The streamer will get a cut of the subscriptions based on their current revenue-sharing agreement on Twitch. For most streamers, this is a 50/50 split but some streamers get a 70/30 deal if they are big enough.

How Much Do Twitch Gifted Subs Cost?

Do you ever see people on Twitch gift a crazy amount of Subs to a streamer? Maybe 50, even 100 subs. These are really big donations. You are probably wondering how much it actually cost to purchase that amount of subs. We have broken it down below.

How Much Do Twitch Gifted Subs Cost

Twitch Gifted Subs Cost

As you can see sometimes Twitch will provide a discount when you are purchasing multiple gifted subs at a time.

How Much Does 100 Gifted Subs Cost?

100 gifted Tier 1 Subs cost $499 to purchase on Twitch. Quite the expensive price tag. The streamer’s viewers will receive a gifted sub if they are lucky enough. The streamer will earn anywhere from 50 – 70% of the $499.

How Much Are Twitch Gifted Subs Worth?

You may be wondering are Twitch gifted subs worth the same as a normal sub to the streamer? The answer is, yes. Gifted subs will give the same amount of revenue to a streamer as a normal sub would.

How Much Are Gifted Subs Worth To The Streamer

Twitch Gifted Subs

Even though purchasers of subs get a discount when purchasing multiple subs, the streamer will still get their full cut on all gifted subscriptions.

How Much Are 100 Gifted Subs Worth On Twitch

100 gifted Tier 1 Subs on Twitch are worth approximately $250 to a streamer. However, if the streamer has a higher revenue share with Twitch, they may earn up to $350 from 100 gifted subs. These 100 gifted subs would cost a viewer approximately $499 to purchase. In this case, twitch also gets $150 – $250 from the purchase of gifted subs.

How To Receive Twitch Gifted Subs?

You can receive gifted subs on Twitch just by watching streams you enjoy. You don’t even have to be live on the stream to receive subs. If you’re a follower of a streamer you can also receive subs if someone gifts to the chat and you’re not there.

If you want to rack up some gifted subs:

  • Be active and helpful in the community. Someone is more likely to target you specifically and gift you a sub.
  • Follow streams that are growing fast
  • Kindly ask for one in the chat
  • Follow large streams that get lots of subs daily

Do Streamers Prefer Donation Or Gifted Subs?

This is a hard question to answer and really depends on the streamer. The main benefit of receiving a donation is that the streamer gets to keep essentially all of the donations whereas with a gifted sub the streamer will only keep 50-70% of the money.

While it might seem like a no-brainer to go for the donation there is also a lot of benefit to gifted subscriptions. When viewers are gifted a subscription they are much more likely to stick around on the streamer’s channel, as they feel like part of the community and got subscriber benefits.

These people sticking around may end up subscribing again down the road leading to more money for the streamer. Having more subs on their channel also helps them unlock more features on their channel.

If you are not sure which one to choose, just ask the streamer yourself before making a donation or subscribing to their channel.

To Wrap Up

If you want to support your favourite streamer gifted subs are a great way to help them out while also gaining some clout in the community. It also hypes up the stream and generally encourages more people to also donate or subscribe to the channel.

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