Twitch is an engaging platform where you can build a community doing what you enjoy while making friends. A streamer can become acquainted with fellow streamers through their twitch chat as well as through discord servers. However, another way for streamers to come together is through twitch teams.

Twitch teams essentially helps a streamer network and make new friends within the streaming community through collaboration. In this post we will further explain what twitch teams are and how to join or make one. We will also share whether we believe it is beneficial to join a twitch team or not. Stay tuned to find out more.

What Are Twitch Teams?

Joining a twitch team is considered a collaborative endeavor. This is because twitch teams are made up of a bunch of streamers who have similar goals and stream similar content. The idea is that all of these individuals come together to lend each other support through collaboration.

The entire team can be found on one channel but each member may have their individual channel that they are growing. The general goal of joining or forming a twitch team is to help with networking. This can be beneficial to someone who feels stagnant in their twitch career or someone who just wants to meet new people and make friends.

Should I Join A Twitch Team?

Your own personal goals for your twitch career should be the deciding factor on whether you join a twitch team or not. In general, joining a twitch team is a good idea. This is because it gives you a place where you have a support group outside of your own chat. You can have fellow content creators to lean on if you have questions or need someone to game with on your channel.

How Do I Make My Own Twitch Team?

Creating a twitch team has one vital criteria which is that one must be a twitch partner. If you are in the twitch partner program then you are free to create up to two twitch teams.

All you have to do is open a ticket while logged into your partnered account and then provide some information on the team. You want to include a team page/ URL, a team display name, and a twitch account to own or edit the channel. Only one person is responsible for this information.

How Do I Join A Twitch Team?

In order to join a twitch team a streamer has to be invited by a team member, specifically the leader or curator of said team. A streamer can get an invite if they have been able to build a rapport with a team member and if the streamer expresses similar interests to the team as a whole. Some twitch teams also have a grace period where streamers can apply to become a member of their team.

The link to apply will usually be in the “about” section of the twitch page of said team and admissions may be closed after a certain period of time. If you have been notified that a twitch team sent you an invitation to join them, follow the steps below to access it.

  1. Click on your profile picture and select Creator Dashboard
  1. Next, click on the three lines next to Home in your Creator Dashboard and you will see this menu
  1. As the photo above suggests, click on Settings and then Channel.
  1. Finally, Click on Featured Content.

If you receive an invite to a team, at the bottom of your featured content page you should see a section titled “My Teams” and press accept invite. Bellow I will insert the bottom section of my featured content page.

At the bottom of my page there is not a section titled “My Teams” which means I have not received an invite to a twitch team. Therefore, this section is unavailable to those who don’t have invites.

Can I Leave A Twitch Team?

Yes. If you feel unsatisfied in a team and it’s just not working out you can always leave. The steps are essentially the same as accepting a team invite. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Click on your profile picture and select Creator Dashboard.
  1. Click on Settings and then select Channel
  1. Then click on Featured Content
  1. If you are in a team you should see the “My Teams” section at the bottom of the page.
  2. Click on the trash can icon next to the name of the team you want to leave.

Pros & Cons of Joining A Twitch Team

In this section I will go over some positives and negatives to think about if you decide to join a twitch team. Depending on your goals for streaming, the cons may not be a big deal to you and the pros may be a turn off. Either way, here are some things to consider when joining a twitch team.


  • Your name is attached to a team which can be seen as a positive for networking.
  • You have a group of people you can rely on.
  • Great opportunities for sponsorships.
  • Cross-promotion between your channel and team member channel’s.


  • You are responsible for what other members say and do therefore, your individuality is stripped.
  • You need to support multiple people on their channel endeavors.
  • Ensure that you are social and communicating effectively with everyone in the team.
  • You may need to work around someone else’s schedule.

FAQ Regarding Twitch Teams

  1. Can you join multiple twitch teams?

Yes, a streamer can join more than one team. However, make sure you are not overwhelming yourself as you still have your own channel you need to take care of. Twitch teams take a lot of work and dedication. Two or three should be okay to handle but after that, it might be very difficult.

  1. Do you need to be partnered to be invited into a twitch team?

You do not have to be a twitch partner in order to join a team. All you have to do is catch a team member’s attention and they can invite you regardless of your partnership status.

  1. Should I ask a streamer if I can join their twitch team?

It is not ideal that you ask streamers to join their team. Instead, let the invite happen naturally. The best way to go about this is by genuinely interacting with a streamer and their content. If the team sees that you share common goals and interests then they should be inclined to invite you.

  1. How do I find a team on twitch?

There isn’t a specific feature on twitch where you can search for teams and join them. Therefore, in order to find one you have to do the footwork. Your best bet is to watch a plethora of streamers and see if you relate to someone’s content. If so, look more into them and see if they have a team. If they do not have a team, consider creating one with them. You can also try to find teams via reddit forums or discord servers.

Wrapping Up

Overall, twitch teams are not a necessity when it comes to streaming. However, it can be great if you want to have a bigger out reach and meet new people who are into the same things as you. Always be mindful of what your goals are with streaming and make sure you do your research on a twitch team to ensure that your values align with theirs.

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