Call of Duty is popular first-person shooting game that started out 19 years ago. Today, it has grown from an action-packed game to a competitive esports game with regular tournaments such as the Call of Duty League (CDL).

Now, if you are just starting to play the Call of Duty franchise, then it is highly recommended that you use a controller especially if you are into close-quarter fights.

But what if you have no idea which controller to get? Well, you are in luck as we are here to guide you on what controllers COD Pros use. Why not learn from the professionals themselves right? Let’s get started.

What Controller Do COD Pros Use

Call of Duty professionals uses custom controllers. Most of the time, it is from Battle Beaver due to their consistency and reliability. Battle Beavers also customize a controller any way that you want to.

Moreover, some professional players who use the claw grip request Battle Beaver to disable their touchpad to avoid hitting it accidentally. Based on reports, Scuf Gaming does not go to that extent.

Scuf Gaming controllers are great too since they are the CDL sponsors.

Scuf Gaming and Battle Beaver produce customized controllers for professional gamers. These two companies are the two choices because of the quality of their work.

To add, Scuf Gaming has CDL-themed controllers available on their website. Show your support to your team by grabbing one of their custom controllers.

Another add-on that players use is Kontrol Freek thumbsticks. These performance thumbsticks increase comfort and improve accuracy which is needed to frag.

CDL Players And Their Controllers

Let us take a look at these Call of Duty League players and their controller of choice.

Atlanta FaZe

ArcitysBattle BeaverGalaxy
CelliumBattle BeaverNone
aBeZyBattle BeaverNone
SimpBattle BeaverAlpha on Right Stick
PrestinniBattle Beaver with Smart TriggersNone

Boston Breach

ZedScuf (one paddle)None
NeroBattle Beaver with Smart Triggers and Bumpers | Default PS4 sticksNone
CapsidalBattle Beaver with XB1 sticksNone
MethodzScuf Impact with two paddles | Digital Tap Triggers | Scuf Sticks | Rumble RemoveNone
TJHaLyBattle BeaverCQC on the Right Stick
VividBattle BeaverCQC Signature

Florida Mutineers

MajorManiakScuf with Smart Triggers and Bumpers | No PaddlesAlpha on the Right Stick
DavpadieBattle BeaverAlphas
SkyzScuf/Battle BeaverNone
YeezBattle BeaverNone
OwakeningScuf with default sticksFPS Freek Edge on the Right Stick

Los Angeles Guerillas

AsimBattle BeaverAlpha
SlasherBattle BeaverNone
GunlessBattle Beaver with Smart Triggers | Default Bumpers | Back Buttons | Default SticksNone
HukeBattle BeaverNone
SpartBattle BeaverNone

Los Angeles Thieves

OctaneScuf 4PS with One PaddleNone
EnvoyScuf ImpactNone
DrazahBattle BeaverNone
PentagrxmPS5 DefaultEdge

London Royal Ravens

Zer0Scuf PS5Right Stick (No model mentioned)
AfroBattle BeaverNone
HarryBattle BeaverCQC

Minnesota Rokkr

AttachScuf 4PSNone
PriestahhBattle Beaver with Smart Triggers | Default PS4 Thumbsticks | No Back ButtonNone
StandyBattle BeaverNone

New York Subliners

HyDraBattle BeaverNone
ClaysterScuf Infinity 4PS with Regular Scuf Sticks | No RumblesClassic on Right Stick
CrimsixBattle Beaver with Smart Triggers and Bumpers with Back ButtonNone
NeptuneBattle BeaverNone

OpTic Texas

ShotzzyBattle Beaver with Smart Bumpers | Default Triggers and No Back ButtonsNone
ScumpScuf/Battle Beaver (He is sponsored by Scuf but was spotted with a Battle Beaver controller)Unknown
iLLeYBattle BeaverNone
DashyBattle BeaverNone

Paris Legion

TempScuf InfinityNone
JohnBattle BeaverNone
GRVTYScufAlpha on the Right | Beaver Stick Cover on the Left
JimboUnknownCQC Signature

Seattle Surge

MackBattle BeaverAlpha
SibBattle BeaverModern Warfare
PredBattle Beaver with Smart Triggers and Bumpers with No RumblesNone
AccuracyBattle BeaverCQC on Right Stick
ClassicBattle BeaverModern Warfare

Toronto Ultra

CleanXPS4 Default ControllerAlpha
HicksyBattle BeaverAlpha
BanceScuf 4PS with default PlayStation SticksOn the Left Stick Only (Model Unknown)
InsightScuf Impact with Two PaddlesAlpha on Right Stick

What Is The Best Call Of Duty Controller?

Technically, there is no best controller for Call of Duty because it all depends on personal preference. However, if the top players mentioned above are leaning towards Battle Beaver then they are doing something good to build their reputation in the esports community.

There is a notion that PS4 and PS5 controllers are faster compared to their Xbox counterparts when overclocked. Xbox controllers run at 125Hz while the Dual Shock 4 can go up to 1000Hz. The new PlayStation 5 controller can go up to 8000Hz.

Now does this minute detail greatly affect average players? Not at all. But these professionals have poured their time and effort into honing their craft. They will easily notice a difference between 125Hz and 1000Hz controllers.

Moreover, Xbox controllers have a polling rate lock that translates to around 5-8ms input delay. PlayStation controllers do not have that and for fast-paced esports like Call of Duty every millisecond matters.

Another factor to consider why the best COD players choose the PlayStation controller is muscle memory. These players have been accustomed to the dual shock layout and it is hard to switch to a new layout and readjust minute details.

Wrapping Up

Call of Duty Pros use customized controllers and it does not matter whether it is from Scuf or Battle Beaver. These controllers are tailored to their playstyle, reliable, and durable. They are quite pricey but if you are serious about playing Call of Duty then maybe it’s time for you to try them out.

Ultimately, choose the peripheral that works well with you. Do not be afraid to try equipment until your find your match. Better yet, check our gear guide for more gaming peripherals.

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