The FeelsBirthdayMan emote is a Better Twitch TV or FrankerFaceZ emote inspired by the very popular FeelsBadMan and FeelsGoodMan Pepe emotes. The FeelsBirthdayMan emote is used to celebrate a streamer’s birthday or when someone is announcing their birthday. It is also sometimes spammed in mock celebrations.

What Does the FeelsBirthdayMan Emote Mean?

What is FeelsBirthdayMan on Twitch? FeelsBirthdayMan pictures Pepe the Frog with a wide smile with his eyes sadly staring forward. The emote captures the awkward moment and feeling of not knowing what to do or say when everyone is singing happy birthday to you, and they seem to care, but deep down, you are sure they do not care.

How to Use the FeelsBirthdayMan Emote

To use FeelsBirthdayMan emote, you must have installed either FrankerFaceZ or BTTV. These are browser extensions that support the use of emotes. What’s more, the streamer you are wishing happy birthday to should have also installed BTTV or FrankerFaceZ.

To install the browser extensions, go to either BTTV or FrankerFaceZ website, download and install it in your browser. After which, type “FeelsBirthdayMan,” select, and send the message.

What is the Origin of the FeelsBirthdayMan Emote?

The FeelsBirthdayMan Emote is part of the big Pepe the Frog emote family, and it is a mixture of the FeelsGoodMan and FeelsBadMan emotes. Pepe the Frog is an internet God who uses different faces to convey special messages. Pepe the Frog wears a birthday hat with a smile in this case.

When Should I use the Emote FeelsBirthdayMan on Twitch?

You should use the FeelsBirthdayMan emote on Twitch when wishing someone a happy birthday or announcing that it is your birthday. This emote is widely used on Twitch because it is easy to recognize.

Away from the internet and streaming sites, some people merchandise the emote. Have you ever seen people wearing a t-shirt containing a frog with a birthday hat? It is the FeelsBirthdayMan emote.

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