feelsstrongman emote meaning
The FeelsStrongMan Emote

FeelsStrongMan is in the same meme family as Pepe the Frog and is a variation of the Pepe emotes. It’s a Pepe the Frog emote with a smile and many tears running down its face.

What does FeelsStrongMan Mean on Twitch?

What does FeelsStrongMan Mean? FeelsStrongMan is a version of the ever-popular FeelsBadMan (which depicts sadness and disappointment) and FeelsGoodMan (which represents a happy feeling or feeling good about something) emotes. Twitch chatters can use it to show happy and proud tears, to express sadness, or to depict a bittersweet moment.

How to Use FeelsStrongMan Emote

FeelsStrongMan is an emote that is on FrankerFaceZ and BetterTTV (more popularly known as BTTV). Users on Twitch can see and use this emote on the desktop website as long as their browser has the FrankerFaceZ or the BTTV browser extension installed.

To use FeelsStrongMan, you have to install either the BTTV browser extension or the FrankerFaceZ browser extension. Installing these extensions will give you access to many global emotes on either platform. Here’s how to install them:

  1. Go to the BTTV website or the FrankerFaceZ website and install the respective extension for your browser. Once they are installed, you’ll be able to see and use FeelsStrongMan on any channel where the streamer has the emote enabled.
  2. You can configure BTTV or FFZ settings to your liking by going to any Twitch channel and clicking chat settings (the gear under the chatbox).

Sometimes, you may have to close out and reopen your browser after installing the extensions. However, a refresh can usually take care of the problem and have the emotes show up!

What is the Origin of FeelsStrongMan

FeelsStrongMan has been around for quite some time. Its originator meme, Pepe the Frog, was first published on the internet in 2005 by its creator, Matt Furie. Pepe started growing in popularity on 4Chan by 2008, but it wasn’t until 2015 that it became a global meme sensation. It was around the same time that Pepe the Frog started becoming popular on Twitch as well, and in 2015, the FeelsGoodMan and FeelsBadMan emotes were first added to BetterTTV. Soon after, Lukas Wergutz added FeelsStrongMan to BTTV (2017) and FrankerFaceZ (2015). 

These days, FeelsStrongMan has been used almost 10 million times on FrankerFaceZ. According to data from Stream Elements, it’s ranked 58th in the most popular emotes.

When Should I Use FeelsStrongMan Emote on Twitch?

Unlike FeelsBadMan and FeelsGoodMan, users can express tears of joy or proudness. It’s used to show or express being so proud that happy tears are in your eyes. However, many Twitch chatters still make use of FeelsStrongMan to express sadness or a bittersweet feeling.


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