What Does MonkaS Mean On Twitch?

MonkaS is generally used on Twitch when their is high tension in the game. You will usually see viewers spam MonkaS in the chat when the streamer is playing a scary video game. If you see MonkaS be prepared for a jump scare!

The emote features Pepe the frog sweating nervously.

How Can I Use The MonkaS Emote On Twitch?

To use the MonkaS emote on Twitch you will need to install the Better Twitch TV (BTTV) browser extension. When you install this you get access to hundreds of extra emotes you can use on Twitch.

  1. Go to Better Twitch TV and install the Extension for the browser that you use. Once installed you will now be able to see the MonkaS and other emotes in streamer chats.
  2. To configure your own Better Twitch TV so you can use the MonkaS emote and other emotes go to any streamers chat and select chat settings. Here you can configure BTTV to your liking.

The streamer will have to have this emote enabled on their chat for you to be able to use it.

What Is The Origin Of The MonkaS Emote

The sweating Pepe the frog illustration can first be found on a 4chan forum on July 16th 2011. It was then uploaded to the Twitch extension BTTV by user Monkasen on March 16th 2016. The emotes name comes from the Monkasen’s name and stands for MonkaScared.

When Should I Use MonkaS on Twitch?

You should use MonkaS when there is an intense moment on stream. Viewers will spam MonkaS in the chat if they feel that something scary is about to happen.


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