4Head emote meaning, origin, & uses

4Head is one of the popular emotes that chatters commonly use on Twitch. It’s an emote that is often used when someone makes a cheesy joke, a pun, or a “dad joke” on a stream. This emote is also used when people make obvious suggestions or give silly answers and suggestions to a question or dilemma.

The 4Head emote is basically the cropped out face of Cadburry, a League of Legends streamer.

What is the Meaning of the 4Head Emote?

4Head depicts tongue-in-cheek responses, sarcasm, and silly answers or suggestions to questions and dilemmas. It’s also used when someone makes a cheesy joke, a pun, or a dad joke.

How to Use the 4Head Emote

Joining the fun is quite easy, as long as you are on a computer (the extensions don’t work on mobile). To use the 4Head emote, you can install one of the browser extensions that will allow its use. Here’s how you can:

  1. Visit the Better Twitch TV or FrankerFaceZ website. From there, you can download the extension appropriate for your browser. Simply install your extension of choice, activate it, then refresh Twitch to see 4Head in action. It may take some time to start working, but don’t worry, it will show up in no time! Remember the streamer also needs to have it enabled on their channel for you to see it.
  2. If you want to take advantage of the other features that BTTV and FrankerFaceZ offer, you can fiddle with the settings. Click on the gear icon underneath any chat box in a stream.

What is the Origin of 4Head?

4Head is a crop of a photo of a LoL streamer named Cadburry. It’s a cut-out of his face, where he has a laughing expression. The emote came to be called 4Head because of Cadburry’s big forehead, which his community made a meme out of way back in 2015.

Cadburry used to be a well-loved in the League of Legends Twitch community, and it was during this time that a member of his community first uploaded the emote to FrankerFaceZ. Although it has been four years since Cadburry has streamed on Twitch, his bio still says that he streams games for entertainment and to make his forehead famous.

When Cadburry used to make corny/cheese/dad jokes during his streams, his chat used to spam the 4Head emote. This became the origin of the 4Head emote. Soon, its popularity picked up outside of the Cadburry community and it became one of the most widely used emotes on the platform.

Nowadays, there are many new variants of the emote like 3Head, 5Head, and 4Weird. It has become widely adopted in Twitch popular culture and slang.

When Should I use the 4Head emote on Twitch?

You can use 4Head when you or someone else makes a cheesy/corny/dad joke, or when you answer a question with an obvious or silly response. You can also use 4Head to denote sarcasm.

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