While watching your favorite Twitch Streamer you may have noticed that some people in the chat have a little Blue crown next to their name. While it may look like they are some sort of VIP in the chat this is not the case. Let’s jump in and find out what the Blue Crown is and how you too, can get one.

What Is The Blue Crown On Twitch?

The blue crown on Twitch represents Prime Gaming Members. If a user in your chat or someone else’s chat has the blue crown it means that they are a Prime gaming member. You do not need to subscribe to the specific channel with your prime sub to gain the badge in their chat. As long as the person is part of Prime Gaming they will have the blue crown in every chat.

You can see an example of the blue crown badge below:

How To Get The Blue Crown On Twitch?

To get the blue crown on Twitch you will need to sign up to Amazon Prime. If you already have an account you can link your account to Twitch in your Twitch settings.

If you’re not an Amazon Prime member you can use the button below to get an Amazon prime 30 Day Free Trial.

Benefits Of Prime Gaming & Amazon Prime

To get Prime Gaming, you need to sign up to Amazon Prime which comes with many benefits. Below are the benefits of having an Amazon Prime account.

  • Faster Delivery with Amazon Prime
  • Access To Prime Video With Over 30,000 Shows
  • Access To Prime Music
  • Access To Prime Reading
  • Access To Amazon Fresh (Fresh food delivered same day)
  • Access To Prime Gaming

Benefits Of Prime Gaming On Twitch

  • Free monthly Twitch channel subscription
  • Free Games Every Month
  • Free in-game loot for popular games
  • Exclusive Emotes
  • Expanded Chat color options
  • Member Only Prime chat badge (The blue crown)

How Much Does Prime Cost

In the USA Prime costs $14.99 Per Month or $139 Per Year.

In the UK Prime costs £7.99 Per Month or £79 Per Year.

Why Am I Seeing The Blue Crown On Twitch If I’m Not Subbed?

Don’t worry you haven’t accidentally subbed to a streamer. If you are a Prime gaming member you will automatically have the Blue Crown beside your name, even if you haven’t used your Twitch prime sub. This will show in every stream you join.

Wrap Up

Now you know exactly what the Blue crown on Twitch is and how you can get one if you want. Amazon prime is definitely worth signing up for. With the shipping benefits on Amazon, the TV programs and the prime gaming benefits it really is a no brainer.

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