Coggers emote meaning and origin

COGGERS is an animated emote on Better Twitch TV. It is a version of POGGERS, which is the Pepe the Frog variation of Twitch’s native PogChamp emote.

This emote got the name COGGERS because it is a mix of two words: Cog, and POGGERS. It’s also named this way because it’s a POGGERS emote in the shape of an animated cog.

Both COGGERS and POGGERS have the exact same meaning, expressing hype and excitement. These emotes are interchangeable, though POGGERS is the more commonly used emote between the two.

What Does The Coggers Emote Mean?

COGGERS expresses hype and excitement. It’s often used when something exciting happens during a stream, when the streamer does something amazing, or when a really epic play is made. It’s interchangeable with PogChamp, Pog, POGGERS, and other similar emotes.

How to Use the Coggers Emote

COGGERS is a BTTV and FFZ emote, which means you’ll have to have one or the other browser extension to see and use it yourself. It will only be visible and usable on desktop, on mobile you’ll only see the word “COGGERS” typed in a chat. The streamer you are watching also has to have it enabled or you will not be able to use it. Here’s how to get BTTV or FFZ:

  1. Visit the FFZ or BTTV website and download the extension for whichever browser you use. Install and activate the extension and you should be able to use the COGGERS emote. You may need to refresh your browser to see it.
  2. There may be some additional features you can use from either browser. To check whether you want to use something built into the extension, click on the cog wheel icon underneath any streamer’s chat box. Then simply select the extension’s settings from the dropdown.

What is the Origin of Coggers?

COGGERS is a variation of Pepe the Frog, which is a character that originated in 2005. It was first uploaded to the internet by creator Matt Furie, but he quickly became popular on 4Chan. Pepe the Frog became a meme in 2008 and a global internet sensation in 2015.

Back in 2012, the PogChamp emote was released on Twitch. It featured Ryan Gutierrez’s face and it very quickly became one of the biggest and most popular emotes on the platform. Because of its extreme popularity, variations of the word PogChamp started popping up, like POGGERS and Pog. POGGERS became a BTTV emote in 2017, and in 2018 COGGERS was first uploaded to the browser extension.

When Should I use the Coggers emote on Twitch?

You can use COGGERS when something hype or exciting happens on a stream. You can say it if it’s something the streamer does, or if you’re sharing something you’re excited about.

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