Jebaited emote meaning, origin, and uses

Jebaited is a Twitch native emote that is pretty much one of the most popular on Twitch. It features an image of a guy named Alex Jebailey as he is looking up in the air.

What Does The Jebaited Emote Mean?

Jebaited means you may have outplayed someone such as when you bait out an opponent only to turn around and get a kill on them or beat them somehow. Jebaited is also used when someone baits another person into doing something wrong or stupid on stream.

How to Use the Jebaited Emote

Because Jebaited is a native Twitch emote, you don’t need to do anything special to get to use it. It’s available within Twitch itself, so you can see and use it on both PC and mobile without any issue!

What is the Origin of Jebaited?

Alex Jebailey, a fighting game tournament organizer, had a habit of unmapping his controller buttons to confuse and bait his opponents. He happened to be friends with one of the founders of Twitch, Ben Goldhaber, who decided Jebailey should have an emote on the site. The original Jebaited was a random picture of Jebailey posing as wrestler Randy Savage, and largely only used by the fighting game community.

The current iteration of Jebaited came about five years later in 2016 when Twitch asked for a ‘higher definition’ version, after Jebailey and his manager looked through their CEO photos and found one of him looking up at the screen with the crowd going nuts in the background. The new picture and an accompanying copypasta skyrocketed the emote’s popularity on Twitch, making it a staple of the site’s lingo.

When Should I use the Jebaited emote on Twitch?

You can use the Jebaited emote when the streamer you’re watching outplays their opponents or if you’ve pranked someone or “jebaited” them into doing something stupid.

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