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The official Twitch emote Kappa is one of the most popular emotes on the platform. It’s a black and white emote and is a cut-out of a former Justin.tv employee’s photo.

Kappa is a smug-looking face that is often spammed when someone is joking about something. It’s also used to mock or make fun of someone, whether it’s the streamer or someone in the streamer’s chat.

Sometimes, a golden version of the emote appears. The golden Kappa is a rare sight and is a hidden easter egg that shows up randomly. There’s no guaranteed way of using it, as it will randomly show up for some users. It can sometimes show up in a channel and be used by everyone, or it can only show up for one user. Sometimes it’s multi-use, and sometimes it can be used once and be gone. Being able to use the gold Kappa happens by sheer luck.

What is the Meaning of the Kappa Emote?

The Kappa emote is often used to show irony or sarcasm. It’s usually the emote used when someone is making a joke, “trolling,” or mocking someone in a friendly way.

How to Use the Kappa Emote

Because the Kappa emote is an emote native to the Twitch platform, you don’t need any extensions whatsoever to get to use it. That’s right – you don’t need BTTV or FrankerFaceZ. You can use Kappa in any Twitch chat because it’s already built into the website.

What is the Origin of Kappa?

The Kappa emote is the face of Josh Deseno, a former employee of Twitch when it was still Justin.tv. He added the emote to the website in 2011 when he was a programmer working on Twitch chat. During this time, many employees were adding their faces onto Justin.tv’s chat as emotes. The other employees’ faces are still on Twitch as emotes to this day, but none of them are nearly as common as Kappa.

John Deseno said that his emote Kappa became popular because the word itself is pretty fun to say. The name Kappa was taken from Japanese folklore, where a Kappa is a demon or imp.

Kappa is one of the most used emotes on Twitch, and it’s most likely one of the most reproduced pictures of a human on the internet.

When Should I use the Kappa emote on Twitch?

You can use the Kappa emote when you’re joking around or “trolling,” when you’re being sarcastic, to show irony, or to mock someone in a friendly way.

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