MonkaW is a BTTV/FrankerfaceZ emote which features a zoomed in version of the MonkaS emote.

These emotes emotes are usually spammed when a streamer gets into an intense situation. You may recognise the emote character as Pepe the frog. This version of Pepe is a zoomed in version of sweating Pepe the frog.

What Does The MonkaW Emote Mean?

What is MonkaW on Twitch? MonkaW is a Pepe the Frog family emote and is based on the already popular MonkaS emote. People use MonkaW when a streamer is in an intense situation. If you cannot see the emote itself and only the word you will need to install an extension such as BTTV or FrankerFaceZ.

How to Use the MonkaW Emote

To use MonkaW, you’ll have to have either Better Twitch TV or FrankerFaceZ installed. Both are browser extensions that allow you to see and use user uploaded emotes. The streamer you are watching will also need to have BTTV or FrankerFaceZ, and they need to have enabled MonkaWon their channel. To use MonkaW, here’s how:

  1. Go to BTTV or FrankerfaceZ’s website and download the correct extension for your specific browser. Install, activate, and refresh your browser and you should be able to start spamming away with MonkaW.
  2. Fiddle with any additional features or settings by clicking the gear icon under the chat box of any streamer’s chat.

What is the Origin of MonkaW?

The MonkaW emote is based on the MonkaS emote which was originally used on 4Chan back in 2011. The MonkaS emote was uploaded to be used on Twitch back in 2016 however it then became popular in streamer Forsens chat after a comment on his reddit page in 2017/

When Should I use the MonkaW emote on Twitch?

You should use the MonkaW emote on Twitch when a streamer is in an intense situation. You will likely see the MonkaW and MonkaS emote be spammed in chat together.

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