PauseChamp emote meaning, uses, and origin

PogChamp is an extremely popular and now controversial emote that has spawned tons of new emotes. PauseChamp is a variation of PogChamp which pretty much expresses the same thing. The difference is, PauseChamp has a closed mouth, which shows hesitation or suspense.

What is the Meaning of the PauseChamp Emote?

Much like PogChamp, PauseChamp expresses hype or an epic moment. But this emote has its mouth closed (with pursed lips) instead, making the emote seem like there is a bit of hesitation or suspense in enjoying the moment.

How to Use the PauseChamp Emote

Although PogChamp is a Twitch official/native emote, PauseChamp is a BTTV or FFZ exclusive emote. If you want to use PauseChamp, you’ll have to have either one of those browser extensions. The streamer you’re watching also has to have PauseChamp enabled on their BTTV or FFZ account.

  1. You need to download either BTTV or FFZ browser extension by visiting one of their websites. Download the extension for your specific browser and install it. Refresh your page if you still can’t see PauseChamp.
  2. Click on the gear icon under any streamer’s chat box if you want to explore the additional features of the browser extensions. You can look through whatever feature you want to use and enable it there.

What is the Origin of PauseChamp?

PauseChamp is a variation of PogChamp that was added to BTTV back in 2019 by someone named PaulieLUL. It came to be because Twitch viewers seemed to think that there was a need for an emote that conveyed the build-up suspense leading up to that Pog moment.

Ryan Gutierrez, the face of the former (now deleted) PogChamp emote, is the face of the PauseChamp emote as well. He was making the PogChamp and PauseChamp faces because a cameraman near him had tripped over a tripod.

When Should I use the PauseChamp emote on Twitch?

You can use PauseChamp if you know that something really hype is gonna happen, but you aren’t quite sure yet. You can use it to show suspense or a build-up to a really hype moment.

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