PogU emote meaning, origin, & uses

The ever-popular PogU emote is a variation of PogChamp, another extremely popular emote in the Twitch community. It features the face of popular (yet disgraced) streamer Gootecks, where he is making a surprised expression with a wide-open mouth.

POG stands for “play of the game,” and PogChamp/PogU are used to express hype. Since PogChamp was removed from Twitch and was changed to a Lizard, PogU has grown very much in popularity.

What is the Meaning of the PogU Emote?

PogU, much like PogChamp, depicts something hype or epic happening in a stream or a game, such as when the streamer makes really good plays. It’s also used to express hype or to hype something up.

How to Use the PogU Emote

The chances of Twitch adding PogU into their official emotes is inexistent after the scandal including Gootecks. Because of this, PogU can only be used through BTTV and FrankerFaceZ. Here’s how you can use it too:

  1. Go to the website of BTTV or FrankerFaceZ. Install the browser extension for your specific browser and refresh Twitch. From there, you should be good to go! You still won’t be able to see PogU if the streamer you are watching doesn’t have it activated in their BTTV/FFZ.
  2. To fiddle with the settings for either extension, click on the gear icon underneath the chat box on any streamer’s channel.

What is the Origin of PogU?

PogChamp was added as an official Twitch emote way back in 2012. PogU is a variation of it and can only be used from FFZ or BTTV. PogChamp was taken from a screenshot of Gootecks making a surprised expression when a cameraman tripped over a tripod. The emote immediately took off and has since spawned many new variations.

PogU was added in 2018, and it was taken from the same video where PogChamp was taken from. However, PogU was taken from a different angle.

When Should I use the PogU emote on Twitch?

You can use PogU to hype up a moment or to join in on an epic or hype moment. You can also use it when the streamer you are watching makes a really epic play, or announces something exciting.

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