You may have already seen the WutFace emote around on some Twitch chats. Released in the year 2014, this emote has since been popularly used to express shock or disbelief in chat. For that reason, you’ll often see people spamming this emote in a channel’s chat when something surprising happens.

People also use this emote when they see something cringy happen in a stream or chat.

What Does The WutFace Emote Mean?

The WutFace emote is a popular emote people use to depict shock and disbelief. It’s often used in response to some comments made by someone in chat, or to something that the streamer said. Sometimes, people use it to express confusion or to react to something cringy happening in the stream.

WutFace is a Twitch global emote, which means it’s available on every platform (web or mobile) for free. That may be partially the reason why it’s so popular — because anyone and everyone can use it.

Nowadays, there is even a variant (WutFaceW) available on BTTV and other emote extensions. WutFaceW is the same WutFace emote but zoomed in even more to depict more shock and surprise.

How to Use the WutFace Emote

You do not have to do anything special to use the WutFace emote. Thankfully, it is 100% free to use because it is a Twitch Global emote. So, if you want to use it in any streamer’s chat, all you have to do is type “WutFace” (case sensitive). You can also find the WutFace emote in the emote menu.

What is the Origin of WutFace?

The original photo that this emote came from was taken in June of 2014. The emote is based on a photo of a Twitch employee, Alex Mendez. Alex Mendez was fortunately captured making this iconic face when a camera panned over to him. Since then, this emote has grown into legendary status, used daily by practically millions on the platform.

When Should I use the WutFace emote on Twitch?

You can use the WutFace emote when you see something surprising happen on the stream you are watching. You can also use it if something makes you cringe or maybe confused!

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