Have you went to watch someone on Twitch but come across an error stating “Sorry unless you’ve got a time machine that content is unavailable”. There are a number of reasons you could potentially come across this error on the Twitch platform. Let’s jump in and take a look at how you can resolve it or at least understand why it is happening.

Twitch Time Machine Error

Reasons Why You See “Sorry Unless You’ve Got A Time Machine”

Channel Name Change

If you regularly watch someone’s content and have just started experiencing this problem, there is a chance that the user has changed their channel name. People change their names on Twitch all the time for various reasons. Potentially they were able to acquire their exact match name or they have just went through a rebrand.

Either way if they have changed their name, you will see the message “Sorry unless you’ve got a time machine that content is unavailable”. If this is the case check the users Twitter or other socials to see if they have posted a link to their latest URL. You can also search their name on Twitch to find their new channel.

The Streamer Has Been Banned On Twitch

This is the most popular reason for receiving the Time machine error message on Twitch. Depending on the type of ban a channels clips and VODs may be deleted.

If you are trying to watch these VODs or clips you will be presented with the time machine error message. The users channel URL will still be live on the Twitch platform however there will be no content shown on the page. This is different than the name change situation where the channel URL is changed.

Clip Or VOD Removed Due To Copyright

If you are clicking a Clip link on Twitter or Reddit and are presented with the message, then there is a chance that the clip has been taken down due to copyright or DMCA reasons.

Twitch Channel Name Recycling

You may wonder what happens to Twitch channel names if a user changes their name. Well, every 6 -12 months Twitch will recycle previously changed names allowing other users to pick up those names for use again.

If you are trying to view the old channel name that hasn’t been recycled yet you may be presented with the Time machine error.

Clear Your Cookies & Cache

If do not believe that any of the errors above covers your issue then you can try to clear your browser cache and cookies. This will force your browser to download the most recent version of the page meaning you will always see the latest content.

Wrapping Up

Seeing the time machine error is nothing to worry about. If you are seeing it, it is likely due to one of the reasons listed above.

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