Twitch has many different subscriptions and options for viewers. You have everything from simply following a channel to subscribing to Twitch prime to getting Twitch Turbo. It can get quite confusing what benefits you are actually getting with each of these options.

In this article we are going to break down what is Twitch turbo and whether or not it is worth it for you to subscribe. Let’s jump in.

What Is Twitch Turbo?

Twitch Turbo is a monthly subscription offered by Twitch allowing you to obtain benefits on their platform. The main benefit of Turbo is not having to watch ads on any streamer’s channel. This means you get rid of pre-rolls, mid-rolls, companion ads and display ads from Twitch with one simple subscription.

When you subscribe directly to a single Twitch channel the ads will be removed on that channel however other channels you watch will still have the ads. Twitch turbo solves this problem. You can remove ads on every twitch channel with a single subscription. The only downside is, that it does not directly support your favorite streamers. We will talk more about that later.

Ads are not the only benefits of Twitch Turbo. Let’s take a look at the other benefits you get when you subscribe.

Twitch Turbo Benefits

Below is a list of the main benefits you get when subscribing to Twitch turbo:

  • Ad Free Viewing – Watch your favorite streamers without being interrupted with ads every 5 minutes
  • Chat Badge – Let others know you are a turbo member with an exclusive chat badge
  • Expanded Emote Set – Choose from 2 additional sets of emotes. Glitch or Monkeys
  • Custom Chat Username Colors – If you want to customise the color of your username, you can do this with turbo. (You can also do this with a Twitch Prime Subscription)
  • Extended Broadcast Storage – If you are a streamer yourself you will get access to extended broadcast storage allowing you to store past broadcasts for 60 days rather than the usual 14.

How Much Is Twitch Turbo?

Twitch Turbo is $8.99/month. If you generally subscribe to multiple streamers to avoid watching ads then signing up to Twitch turbo may make financial sense for you however you won’t be supporting the creators.

Twitch Turbo vs Twitch Prime

When it comes to Twitch Prime and Twitch Turbo there are a lot of similarities. The main difference is you have to pay for Turbo whereas you get prime gaming for free if you already have Amazon Prime.

When it comes down to it, you get most of the turbo features with Prime plus you get access to free games. The only real reason to go with Turbo is to remove the ads.

BenefitsTwitch TurboPrime Gaming
Chat BadgeYes (Battery Icon)Yes (Crown)
Free Channel SubNoYes
Free GamesNoYes
Free TrialNoYes
Change Username ColorYesYes
Broadcast Storage60 Days60 Days
Prime Gaming Vs Twitch Turbo

Is Twitch Turbo Worth It?

If you watch multiple streamers and subscribe to them all simply to remove ads then Twitch turbo is a good option. You can simply have one Twitch turbo subscription vs many subscriptions to streamers and get an ad-free viewing experience.

With the crazy amount of ads, Twitch is showing on their platform these days I believe it is a worthwhile subscription to purchase. Your viewing experience will be much better, not getting interrupted at high-intensity points in a stream for an annoying ad.

If you don’t care about ads or use an ad blocker then it probably isn’t worth purchasing Twitch turbo. The other features are neat as an added bonus but you’re really paying to remove ads. The other benefits really are not going to change your Twitch viewing experience at all.

The only other time it may be worthwhile signing up to turbo is for the Extended Storage feature if you are a streamer. If you need to keep vods for longer so you can archive them and potentially use them for videos or simply just allow your audience to watch the highlights for a longer period of time, it might be worth paying for the subscription.

Do Streamers Get Money From Twitch Turbo?

Unfortunately, no streamers do not get any money from Twitch turbo. The $8.99/month subscription fee goes directly into Twitch’s pocket rather than the streamers. If you want to support creators then we would recommend subscribing directly to their channel where they will get a cut of subscription revenue.

Even if you have Twitch Turbo and a streamer runs an ad, they will still get paid for that ad even though you don’t see it. So by having Twitch turbo you are not negatively affecting the streamer’s ad revenue.

If you only subscribe to one channel on Twitch then we would recommend sticking with subbing to them as it is slightly cheaper and benefits the creator. However, if you are watching multiple creators for a significant amount of time Twitch Turbo is a great option as a viewer.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it, that is Twitch turbo in a nutshell. If you really don’t like ads on Twitch and don’t want to use a Twitch ad blocker then it may be an investment you want to make. Now you have all of the information on what you will get with a turbo subscription, you can make an informed decision on what to do.

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