You may have noticed that some people in Twitch chat have a special pink diamond badge. You may have wondered what this means or how can you give certain members of your chat this badge. You can see an example of the badge below:

This is the Twitch VIP Badge which can be given to certain users in your chat. Let’s jump in and see the benefits of being a Twitch VIP and how you can give it to people in chat.

What Is Twitch VIP?

Twitch VIP is a special badge that streamers can give to their most dedicated viewers. It is a small pink badge with a white diamond in the middle. These VIP roles in a Twitch chat give the viewer some special benefits that normal viewers do not have. Streamers can give a certain amount of people in their chat the badge. It is up to the streamer who actually deserves one.

What Are The Benefits Of Being A VIP On Twitch

There are three main benefits to being a Twitch VIP in a streamers chat:

  • Chat without being affected by slow, sub-only, or followers-only modes
  • Chat without being affected by rate limits
  • Post links in chat even when links are disabled

If you are a VIP you get these special benefits allowing you privileges over everyone else in chat. Having the ability to chat when you want without limits as well as posting links is a great way to engage more with the streamer.

How To Unlock VIP Badges On Twitch

VIP badges are not automatically unlocked on all Twitch channels. To unlock VIP badges on Twitch you need to complete the Build a Community Achievement. This requires you to have 50 Followers and 5 unique chatters. This will unlock 10 Badges that you can give to people in your community.

The more you grow, the more badges you will unlock. You can see the requirements below to unlock more VIP badges on Twitch.

Unique ChattersVIP Badges
Twitch VIP Badge Unlock Requirements

How To Give Someone VIP Badge On Twitch

Follow the steps below to give someone a VIP Badge on your Twitch channel:

  1. Open –> Click on your profile in the top right –> Creator Dashboard
  2. In your dashboard click on Community –> Roles Manager
  3. In roles manager find the person you want to add or click on “Add New” to add a new user. Click on “Add role” and select VIP.

This user is now a VIP on your channel and will get the benefits we have mentioned above.

How To Become A VIP In Twitch Chat?

If you want to become a VIP in your favorite streamers chat there are a few ways to go about it. The main way to become a VIP is by spending lots of time in chat and being helpful to the streamer. Here are some tips to get the VIP badge in chat:

  • Spend a lot of time in the streamers chat. The more you show up the more familiar the streamer will be with you.
  • Help the streamer out at any opportunity. If they are stuck in a game or are looking for a video, help them out.
  • Chat to other viewers in the chat and welcome new viewers.
  • Communicate with the streamer and community on other platforms such as Discord or Twitter.

Wrapping Up

That’s everything you need to know about the Twitch VIP Badge. VIP badges are a great way to reward your most loyal viewers and give them some nice perks. If you are a loyal viewer of a streamer a VIP badge is a great way to be rewarded for your loyalty.

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