Have you been streaming for a few weeks now and have started to gain some steam on your stream? If you have stumbled upon this article you are probably trying to come up with ways to customize your stream.

Adding GIFs for custom donations or alerts on your stream can be a great way to add more interaction and engagement to your stream. It’s also a great way to incentivise more donations on your stream.

In this article, I am going to show you where you can find GIFs for your Twitch stream and how you can add them to your Streamlabs account.

Let’s jump in and get started.

Top Places To Find GIFs For Twitch

Below are some of the best sources to find funny GIFs for your Twitch stream. Remember you need to be careful of copyright when utilizing these GIFs on Twitch. Use these sources at your own risk.


GIPHY is one of the original and most popular GIF aggregators out there. They have thousands if not millions of GIFs on their platform. Everything from funny scenes from movies to the biggest fails. You can utilise these GIFs in your stream to make alerts more engaging.

For example, if you want to have an alert on your stream that triggered the coffin dance meme you can search coffin dance on GIPHY and you will get a ton of results to use.

You can then click on the GIF that you want, right-click and select copy link address to get the GIF link. We can then use this link in Streamlabs. Scroll below for a full tutorial on how to add the GIF to Streamlabs.

Giphy even has a section for Streamlabs GIFs. It includes some of the most popular GIFs and memes used by the streaming community.

You can use the same method to save GIFs on the other platforms mentioned below.


Gfycat is another popular source for GIFs. If you cannot find the image you are looking for on GIPHY check out GFYCat.


GIFER is another popular GIF platform you can use if you can’t fin you favourite GIF one any of the other platforms.

GIFER is great if you want to look for GIFs by category. You have all of the gif categories listed down the left-hand side.

How To Add A GIF To Streamlabs

You can easily add GIFs to any of the alerts on your Streamlabs account. Follow the steps below to add them to an alert.

Step 1 – Open Streamlabs.com

To create a custom alert with GIFs you will need to log in to Streamlabs.com with your Twitch account and navigate to Alertbox on the left-hand side. Select the alert type that you want to add the GIF too.

For this example, I’m going to be using the Donation alert.

Step 2 – Paste Your GIF Link Into Streamlabs

When you are in your alert type (donation, Subscription etc) scroll down to the image section and click on the URL icon.

A box will appear asking you to add the link to your image. This is the link we copied from the GIF platform previously. Remember just right-click –> Copy Image Address.

Paste this link into the link section in Streamlabs.

When you click submit you should then see your GIF inside your Streamlabs alert.

Make sure to scroll down to the bottom and click on Save Settings to save your new GIF alert.

Want to setup custom Gif alerts for specific donation amounts? Click here to learn how to setup custom donation alerts on Streamlabs.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you have now set up some amazing GIFs that are on brand with your stream. Now you can have a much more interactive alert experience on your stream.

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