Bloxburg is a roleplaying gamemode similar to The Sims within Roblox. If you’ve started playing the game recently, you might have noticed multiple Game Passes that you can access. In this guide, we will be going over which Bloxburg gamepass is the best, and which one you should pick going forward in your journey through “Welcome to Bloxburg.”

What Gamepass Should I Buy in Bloxburg?

There are different Gamepasses you can buy in Bloxburg depending on what you want to achieve in the game. Each of these offer different rewards, and can be beneficial for different kinds of players.

The details below will help you determine which Game Pass is best for you depending on your unique playstyle in “Welcome to Bloxburg.”

Starting out as a new player, or if you just want to earn yourself some decent cash to invest into your builds, the best game pass would be the Bloxburg Excellent Employee Gamepass. With it, you’ll be able to unlock a lot of content, which will be directly related to other purchasable Game Passes.

Bloxburg Excellent Employee Gamepass

Bonus Earnings and Fast Promotions

As the name implies, the employee gamepass helps in increasing your earnings and fast tracks you through promotions in the game. With the game pass enabled, you will be earning roughly 50% more money than you were before.

If you have been working a lot in the game, then this game pass is fairly essential as it makes your efforts a lot more rewarding. 

Occasional employees can still reap the benefits from the game pass however, individuals not looking to spend too much of their time working, will find the advantages rewarded from the Excellent Employee Gamepass next to useless.

Bloxburg Premium Gamepass

Reduced Bills

The Premium Gamepass for Bloxburg is targeted at players who have expensive builds in the game and are looking to cut their costs of bills. Considering you’re a casual player who is going about their normal day as an employee, you won’t have much need for this.

Double Daily Rewards

Players with this gamepass will be able to get twice the amount of daily rewards compared to regular players without the gamepass. They will be eligible to receive up to B$40 and $3,600 from their daily rewards.

Unique Nametag

Upon purchase, you will also receive a nametag that highlights you as a Premium member. This nametag is visible on top of the player and in the game’s chat.

$50,000 Donation Limit and Ability to Choose Plot Location

An added benefit is that Premium players can also donate $50,000 compared to the conventional $10,000 limit. However, the donation cooldown is the same for both types of players. You will also be able to choose your own plot location on the map.

Bloxburg Multiple Floors Game Pass

Allows Builds on More Than Two Floors

Players that don’t have this game pass can not build on more than two levels. With this gamepass purchased, you will be able to build up to five levels. This is pretty essential, as building is probably one of the many reasons you got into Bloxburg, and without this, you can’t really add more depths to your constructions.

Bloxburg Unlocked Stereo Game Pass

Play Audio from Roblox’s Library

This is more or less for people that like to throw parties to their friends. By purchasing the Unlocked Stereo Game Pass, players will be able to play audio available in the Roblox Library on different electronics, the Nightclub and in vehicles.

How to Play Audio

  • Once you’ve purchased the game pass, you can play audio by searching the Roblox Library through the audio tab.
  • After finding an audio you’d like to play, you can go to the audio page by clicking on it.
  • From the URL, copy the numbers after
  • Go back into the game and turn on the radio menu from your electronic device or car.
  • In “Add ID”, paste the numbers you copied from the URL and click “Add Audio.”
  • Audio will now be added to the queue and will start playing.

Bloxburg Advanced Placing Game Pass

No Collision Checks

The game’s mechanics prevent players from placing items too close to either with the use of collision checks. If you want to design anything unique and go creative with the blueprint you have in mind, you will have to get the Advanced Placing Game Pass in Bloxburg.

Change Shapes of Objects

You will also be able to change the shape of different objects with the help of ‘Scale Tool’ as per your design preference.

How to Use Advanced Placing

  • Go to your Build Mode.
  • In the sidebar, you will see two squares over each other.
  • By clicking on this button, you can either disable or enable collision.
  • If the outlines of the squares are solid lines, then collision is on.
  • If the outlines of the squares are dotted, then collision is off.

Bloxburg Large Plot Game Pass

Bigger Plot Size for Players

If you feel like the default 25×25 building space might be cramping up your style too much. You can upgrade with the Large Plot Game Pass for Bloxburg and expand it to 50×50. The space can be utilized by builders looking to add more features to their house. You can even use the space for extra storage for whatever you like.

Bloxburg Basement Game Pass

Add a Lower Level to Your House

As the name of the Game Pass implies, with this, you’ll be able to add a lower level to your house and make it to your liking. Whether it’s a dungeon, or just a cool lower level for your friends to party in, it’s up to you!

How to Add a Basement

For players to be able to add a basement, they will have to purchase the Game Pass, after which they can head into Build Mode and click the “Basement” button. You will then see a square as your cursor. Drag it on the ground to decide the space of your basement. 123×123 square of basement will run you about $25.

Wrapping Up

Those are all of the gamepasses currently available in Bloxburg. Choose the one you think will give you the most value and enjoy your time time in Bloxburg.

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