Gaming streamers have exploded over the past few years with streamers pulling in 100s of thousands of views per stream. For people outside of gaming and streaming they wonder why anybody would watch someone stream a game. After all, why not just play the game yourself?

Well, there is actually many reasons people watch different streamers. Let’s jump in and take a look at why.

Why Do People Watch Streamers?

There are many reasons for people to watch streaming content. Below is a look at the top reasons people watch streaming content online.


The main reason people watch streamers is for entertainment. Just like you might enjoy watching your favourite TV program, others enjoy watching a streamer play through a game. They can follow along with the story of the game but also enjoy the streamers reaction to different parts of the game.

If they plan on picking the game up themselves in future, they can pick up some tips & tricks for their first playthroughs.

World Class Gameplay

People seem to find it “weird” to watching people playing video games but they watch people play other sports all the time. Nobody finds it weird to sit down and watch a football match on a Sunday. It’s no different in gaming. Watching a streamer who is one of the best players in the world is amazing to watch. The average player can’t pull off the plays that these top tier players make. This makes it interesting to watch this type of content. We all like to watch people do things that we can’t even comprehend.


Just like with sports the competitive aspect draws people in. Watching some of the best players in the world compete for 100s of thousands of dollars is interesting. Just like big sporting tournaments we want to see who wins and how they did it. There is close calls, anger, joy, clutch plays and more in gaming. This makes for good viewing which is why people love to watch.

Just like other sports there is e-sports leagues where viewers can support their team through thick and thin with the hope of one day winning the league.


You may be wondering why people would watch smaller less skilled gamers with a low amount of viewers. It usually comes down to community. Unlike TV, streaming isn’t a one way system. The viewer can actually communicate with the streamer, as well as other like minded people in the chat. In small stream of less than 100 viewers you will see people talking to each other and becoming friends in the chat. They will turn up everyday and watch their favourite streamer together. Eventually these people may end up gaming together themselves.

World Building

Some of the top streamers on Twitch and Youtube are really good at story telling and world building. These streamers create content houses, and live together to essentially create a reality tv program. People want to follow along on the journey to see what happens next.

A great example is Mizkif who has the door in his room in view at all times. He runs his stream on an “Open door policy“. This means that anyone can come through this door at anytime. On Mizkif stream you never know who is going to appear. This makes his streams exciting and more interesting. People want to tune into every stream to see who turns up.

Preview A Game

Games are expensive these days. Some people just want to tune into a streamer to check out the game they are playing. You can get a much better idea if you will like a game by watching somebody play than you ever would from watching a trailer.

Learn How To Improve

One of the best ways to improve is by learning from the best. The best people in gaming are usually live all day streaming to their audience. You can watch and study their gameplay to see how you can improve yours. Just like people study basketball highlights, aspiring gamers will breakdown and study the best plays in gaming to help improve their own game.

Wrapping Up

While everyone has their own reason for watching streamers these are some of the main ones we found. If you have a unique reason for watching people stream, let us know down below in the comments.

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