Have you donated in a Twitch streamers stream and been completely ignored? Maybe you notice in some big streams that lots of donations are flowing in but they streamers is seemingly just ignoring them. This may seem pretty disrespectful but there are some valid reasons why a streamer may be ignoring donations. Let’s jump in and find out why do some streamers ignore donations.

Main Reasons Streamers Ignore Donations

Below is a list of some of the most popular reasons streamers will ignore some donations on their stream.

They Get Too Many

Some large streamers can have over 100 thousand people in their stream at a single time. That amount of people leads to a lot of donations flowing into the stream. If the streamer is concentrating on playing a game they may not get a chance to read them all. Usually the streamer will acknowledge donations over a certain level. For example every donation over $10 they will read out on stream.

For some streamers if they read out every $1 or $2 donation they got it would completely ruin their stream as that’s all they would be doing.


Some streamers will use text to speech donations or allow a message to be sent with a donation. Sometimes users will include inappropriate stuff in these messages. This might lead to the streamer just completely ignoring the donation and moving on. The best thing to do with trolls is to completely ignore them.

Missed The Donation

Some streamers may genuinely just miss the donation. If they are in an intense point in their game they could be really focused and miss it. You also may send a donation and as you send it they get up to go to the toilet and miss it. This is just a case of someone genuinely missing a donation.

Donation Was Too Small

Some streamers will set a limit for donations to be acknowledged. This might be $3 or $10 but they clearly state this beside their donation button. Anything below this threshold amount won’t get acknowledged on stream. Some viewers will still want to donate as they are doing it to support the creator and not for recognition.

Charity Stream

If it is a large charity stream there can be 1000s of donations flooding in. The creator will try and get to as many as possible but with the massive volume it’s normal that some will be ignored. Again, they probably have a certain threshold where you are guaranteed to have your donation read aloud on stream.

How Much Do Streamers Make From Donations

This depends completely on the size of the streamer and their community. Some streamers are making millions of dollars per years from Subs, Bits and Donations. Other smaller streamers are making a little bit of extra pocket money on their channels.

There is very few streamers that make it to the point where they are pulling in millions from their streams. However there are plenty of streamers out there making just enough money to get by doing a job they enjoy.

If you want a deeper look into how much streamers are making check out our section on how much specific streamers are making.

Why Do People Donate To Already Rich Streamers?

At first sight it may seem extremely weird that people donate to people who are already extremely rich. I think the problem stems from the word “donate”. These streamers do not need the help but they are clearly providing enough value to their audience to make them want to donate or subscribe.

What’s interesting is that the people who are saying it’s weird to donate to streamers usually pay for a sports package on TV, or pay to go see a movie from an already rich actor. When it comes down to it streaming is just a form of entertainment. If someone gets 2 hours of entertainment from a stream and it makes them happy, it’s probably worth $5 to them. It would cost much more to watch a 2 hour movie at the theatre.

Streamers are also very good a providing incentives for donating or subscribing to their channel. Subscribing to a streamers channel usually gives you access to extra features such as:

  • More Emotes
  • Access to subscriber only Chat & Streams
  • Discord Access
  • Text to speech
  • & more

People aren’t necessarily paying money to support the streamer. They are buying access and status for themselves. If someone wants to look good in a streamers community they may purchase a tier 3 subscription allowing them to stand out from everyone else in chat. Here they are purchasing to have Status in that chat rather than actively donating to a streamer.

Wrapping Up

There is many reasons why a streamer may ignore a donation. The main one being, it’s just too small and they are getting to many to keep up with them.

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