Have you seen some streamers hiding their mini maps in games like Warzone or League of Legends? You may be wondering why they would do this. It obviously makes the viewing experience a little worse for the viewer. However these streamers have a good reason for hiding their mini maps on stream.

Let’s jump in and find out why streamers hide their mini maps.

Why Do Streamers Hide Their Mini Maps?

The main reason streamers hide their mini maps is to stop stream snipers from finding them in game. If the mini map is visible on stream it is easy for competitors or stream snipers to find the streamer and unfairly kill them. It’s like the old fashioned “screen looking”. Do you remember being a kid playing with your friends on split screen and getting mad when someone would “screen look”. This is the same thing, on a much larger scale.

By hiding their mini map it make it harder to find them. Some streamers delay their streams but this makes it harder to communicate effectively with their chat. Hiding the mini map is a simpler alternative.

Why Do Streamers Delay Their Streams?

Streamers delay their stream to avoid stream snipers in their games. When the footage is delayed it makes it much harder for the stream sniper to find the streamer and ruin their game.

Streamers will also hide their screen when searching for games. This makes it harder for a stream sniper to search at the exact same time as them making it less likely for them to be in the same game.

Why Do People Stream Snipe?

People stream snipe for attention and to troll the streamer. They find it funny or cool to troll the streamer. Really there is not much else can be done about it other than the methods above.

While most stream snipers are out to hurt the streamer others are actually helpful. They will bring the streamer good gear and help them out occasionally.

Wrapping Up

That’s all there is to it. Streamers are hiding their mini map to avoid stream sniping. They just want to play their games without being trolled all day. You can imagine how annoying it would get if you couldn’t just play a game normally anymore.

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