Do you go on Twitch everyday and see your favourite streamer is always online. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are on in the morning or night. That streamer is online. You maybe wonder why they stream for so long or how they have the stamina to stream for this long. In this article we are going to explain why and how they do it.

Let’s jump in and take a look.

Why Do Streamers Stream For So Long?

If streamers have a large audience and do it full time they are likely streaming long hours because they want to make more money. They take streaming seriously as a job and put in as many hours as possible. The more hours they stream the more money that they will make.

Some streamers have to stream long hours to make enough money to pay their bills. As the saying goes, they would rather work 18 hours a day doing something they love rather than work a 9 to 5 doing something they hate. This is generally smaller streamers who have between 75 – 200 viewers daily.

Other streamers on the higher end of the spectrum are making a lot of money. These guys stream for long hours to capitalise on their fame. Being in the content creation industry can be turbulent. Success in this business can be short lived for lots of people and that’s just a fact of the job. Due to this, people put in as many hours as they can now, when the going is good so they can set themselves up for the future.

Some small streamers just stream long hours because they enjoy it. They might not have many viewers but they were playing for long periods every day anyway, so decided to throw up a stream.

How Do Streamers Stream For So Long?

If you are streaming and engaging with your audience for 8 – 16 hours per day it can take it out of you. It’s more tiring than you might think. There is some things you can do to make streaming for long periods a better experience.

  • Fuel & Hydration – When you are streaming for long periods of time it is vital to stay hydrated and fuelled. You should be drinking enough water and eating at regular intervals throughout your stream.
  • Caffeine – If you are playing for long hours it is no secret that caffeine can help you to stay alert throughout your stream. This could be with a hot cup of coffee or your favourite flavour of G Fuel.
  • Blue Light Glasses – If you are looking at screens for long periods of time blue light blocking glasses are a great way to take the strain off your eyes.
  • Adderall – We definitely do not recommend taking any substances to help you play for longer. While this likely isn’t good for your long term health, it is no secret that lots of streamers and gamers are using performance enhancing supplements to help them get an edge.
  • Good Posture – When you are streaming for long periods of time it is vital that you have a good chair that supports good posture.

What Is The Longest Stream Ever On Twitch?

The longest uninterrupted broadcast on Twitch is currently held by Los Pollos TV. He went for 161 Hours live with no interruptions. You can check out some of the other record Twitch Streams here.

Does Streaming Longer On Twitch Help You Grow Faster?

If you already have a strong viewer base then streaming for long periods of time will help you grow. If you notice that your followers and subscriptions are consistently going up the longer your stream then it is worthwhile.

If you only have a couple of viewers on your stream you will get no benefit from streaming for long periods of time. Small streamers will be much better of setting a schedule were they stream at set times multiple days a week. The rest of their time should be spent creating content outside the platform to drive people to Twitch.

How Do Streamers On Twitch Do A 24 Hour Stream?

Anyone can do a 24 hour stream on Twitch. You just have to commit to it. We have put together a full guide on how to do a 24 hour stream.

On my first 24 hour stream I was actually shocked at how much harder it was than I expected. Sitting in one place for 24 hours gave me some serious aches and pains in my back. I probably should have focused more on my posture.

How Do Streamers Play The Same Game For So Long?

Streamers can play games for so long because they simply love them or they make more money from playing that game. The games that streamers play for long periods of time generally are multiplayer games with lots of replay value. It’s unlikely you will see a streamer play a single player game for 1000s of hours.

Most streamers are known for a certain game that they play so sticking to it is important if they want to keep their viewer numbers up. Some streamers see huge drops in their audience when they switch games especially if they built their fan base being good at another game.

It would also be naive not to address that streamers will play a game they don’t like if it is making them good money. Ultimately streaming is a job and when you have a family to support you have to play what pays the bills. This might mean sticking with a game that isn’t your favourite because it is more popular.

How do Streamers Play for so Long with no Viewers?

If you are just starting out on Twitch you may have to stream to no viewers. Talking to yourself may seem weird but it is good practice for when your first viewers do start trickling in.

If you go on reddit you will see lots of people complaining about how they aren’t getting any viewers even though they are streaming 50 hours a week. Streaming long hours does not equal success.

You are much better off creating content on external platforms with better discovery, such as Tik Tok and then directing that audience to your Twitch platform. Set a schedule on Twitch where you stream 2-4 hours 3x per week. Focus all that extra free time on producing content. This will grow your audience much faster than streaming to zero people.

Wrap Up

So there you have it. The main reason streamers stream for so long is to make more money. It’s their full time job so it makes sense to put long hours into a stream.

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