Now that the Call of Duty MW2 beta is out for Xbox as well, players are pouring in to check it out. And as is the case with every beta release, the MW2 beta comes with its fair share of errors and problems on the Xbox.

If your Xbox crashes when you try logging in to Demonware for the MW2 beta, we might be able to help you with some workaround fixes until Infinity Ward drops a proper patch, fixing the issue.

How to Fix Xbox Crashing While Logging Into Demonware For MW2 Beta?

Chances are that you’ve preordered Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox and are now trying to play the early access. A lot of Xbox users have reported an issue where their entire console just crashes when they try to log in to Demonware for the MW2 beta.

This issue is really frustrating and is preventing players from getting into matches. Luckily some mad lad over at Reddit has found a plausible fix for the issue that can temporarily fix it. We will be taking a look at that fix and any other ones we’ve found from different sources after a lot of research.

The Reddit Fix

Upon scouring the interweb, we’ve come across an absolute legend on legend, IrishBros91 who has come forward with a temporary fix for this issue. And we quote:
“Attention everyone when pressing A to start on Xbox to log into Demonware, open another application that needs the Internet – Browser, Twitch, etc. Wait a couple of minutes while using another Internet application, and you will bypass that issue into the game.”

From that explanation, it is quite clear what the issue is. Your console fails to maintain a stable internet connection when it tries to log in to Demonware. And to fix that, you have to force another application to require internet access & hope that Demonware gets logged in at the same time. 

Developer Statement

Infinity Ward is working on a fix that should be deployed soon, as is obvious from their recent tweet on the matter.

This is pretty much all you can do at this point and there are no further user-based temporary fixes out there. Xbox players are advised to wait for an official patch if this fix doesn’t work for them.