The number of Thots on twitch is on the rise over the last few years and they seem to be getting more attention than ever. The best twitch thots are the ones that utilize their “ass-ets” to gain subscribers and a following on twitch.

Generally a Twitch thot will dress seductively or purposefully act in a sexual manner and pretend like it was an accident.

Fans will help them grow quicker and make more money by donating or “simping”. A Simp in terms of twitch is someone who excessively donates or compliments a streamer in pursuit of a sexual relationship.

These girls capitalize on this to earn a lot of money of twitch. Some do it more tastefully than others.

What Is A Thot On Twitch?

Thot is a slang term for “ho”. The saying originally stands for “that ho over there”.

How To Know If You’re Watching A Thot?

  • They dress in sexy outfits or seductive clothing
  • Their clothing is more revealing than necessary
  • They are a beautiful woman
  • They act ditsy and silly
  • They push the limits of the rules and TOS on Twitch
  • They generally aren’t very good at gaming

Who Are The Best Thots On Twitch?


Amouranth is the queen of thots on Twitch. It is safe to say is dominating in the Twitch Hot Tub category and is making millions per month streaming. It is estimated that Amouranth has a net worth of approximately $20 – 25 Million.

She currently has almost 6 Million Followers on Twitch.

Amouranth Twitch


Kandyland has over 414k followers over on Twitch. She regularly does just chatting streams and occasionally plays games such as world of warcraft. You will generally find her wearing suggestive clothing. She also likes to cook a lot on stream.


Bridgett is a streamer living out in Los Angeles. She has been banned in the past on twitch for suggestive content most likely because of what she wears. You will regularly find her wearing her cat ear headphones with some skimpy clothing.

She is a just chatting streamer and doesn’t play games on her streams. You will normally find her just hanging out with chat.

Dan Dangler

The Dan Dangler got her start on Twitch playing Call of Duty however she has recently been streaming more in the just chatting and hot tub categories on Twitch.

She currently has over 400k followers on Twitch and is growing rapidly.

Dan Dangler on Twitch


Lina is a just chatting streamer with over 57k Twitch followers. She usually streams music and dances seductively in the background in skimpy outfits. She also does some ASMR streams as her name suggests. She had to make our list of best twitch thots.


Enotishka18 is also a just chatting streamer who mainly does workout and cooking streams while also occasionally gaming. In her bio she describes herself as a professional slacker from Ukraine but now living in russia.

You’ll normally find here hanging out in just chatting with less than the optimal amount of clothing.


Kaellyn streams mainly in just chatting but occasionally plays some games with her 226k followers on Twitch. She landed herself in the best twitch thots article due to her suggestive clothing during her workouts. Kaellyn also has a Masters degree in maths and finance and can speak French and English. Definitely smarter than me.


Krypto_Nat streams to over 123k followers on twitch. She mainly occupies the Just chatting category with Music and dancing. She dresses in suggestive clothing most of the time on her stream. Some people have called out for her to be banned claiming that sitting on a bed in lingerie is not okay. This is the reason she Tops our list of best Twitch Thots.

Zoie Burgher

Zoie Burgher is an OG in the Twitch thot world. She’s not really around in 2021 but was one of the biggest thots on twitch back in the day. She would usually dress in bikinis or revealing clothing and play call of duty in the Black ops 3 days. She would regularly get into drama and was a founder of twitch thottery so she had to make the list.


Pink Sparkles is one of the biggest twitch thots out there and used to date popular streamer Asmongold. She has in fact been banned from Twitch before for promoting adult content.

She is now back on Twitch boasting over 630k followers. She initially started streaming league of legends to quick start her rise to fame.


STPeach is a Twitch thot with over 1 Million followers. That’s a lot… She clearly shows of her body a lot in her just chatting streams.

She likes to show off her assets on other platforms like instagram and twitter and utilises her Twitch to drive followers on these other platforms. She’s made it on this list for thottery because of her twitch streams.


We couldn’t leave Alinity off this list. She’s probably the most well known Twitch Thot out there. She’s got herself in a lot of drama over the past few years including a feud between her and Pewdiepie which attracted a lot of controversy.

She even shows up in the Urban dictionary as the definition of Twitch Thot. She has been banned on Twitch multiple times for thottery and other offenses however has cleaned up her act a bit in the past few years.


Jadethejaguar has over 184k followers on Twitch and regularly streams in the just chatting category. She also does some Cosplay on her channel in skimpy outfits grabbing here a spot on the list of best twitch thots 2021.

She also does workouts and ASMR with some singing and gaming. She also shares extra photos, and videos of herself on her exclusive Patreon.


Spicybam is the smallest Twitch thot streamer on our list of thots. She comes in at just 17.5k followers but is working her way up the ranks. She live streams her life and travels on twitch and regularly does just chatting streams in skimpy clothing.

Momo Okimoto

Momo is another smaller streamer with only 66k followers on Twitch. She is a jsut chatting streamer from Los Angeles CA. She regularly does Drinking streams and definitely flirts with twitches rules on nudity.

She also often posts risqué photos on her insta and OF. She uses Twitch as a marketing platform to get more people onto her other paid platforms.

This concludes our list of the best twitch thots of 2021. Some streamers you may have expected to see here like Pokimane have been left of the list as they generally stick to gaming and have gained a large following without comitting much thottery.

Do you think we have missed someone?

Let us know in the comments.

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