As the digital gaming scene evolves, services such as Twitch have emerged as popular destinations for both gamers and spectators.

With millions of users tuning in every day, Twitch gives a real-time snapshot of the gaming community’s interests and preferences.

In April 2024, various games rose to prominence, enthralling audiences with thrilling gameplay, heated competition, and compelling tales. Let’s take a look at the most watched games on Twitch this month.

Apex Legends: Most Watched Games on Twitch April 2024

most watched games on twitch

Apex Legends stands out in the massive Battle Royale world of 2024, with unrivalled visuals and engrossing gameplay.

Apex Legends, developed by Respawn Entertainment, has established itself as a force in the Battle Royale genre over the past five years.

Apex Legends captivates gamers with its visual brilliance, distinguishing it as a genre masterpiece. 

Fortnite: A Cultural Phenomenon that Refuses to Fade Away

Fortnite, created by Epic Games, is a tremendously successful online multiplayer game recognized for its vibrant graphics and distinct gameplay aspects.

Fortnite is set in a post-apocalyptic future and includes a battle royale mode in which players compete to be the last one remaining. The game also has a creative mode, in which players can create and design their own environments.

Fortnite has become a cultural phenomenon, attracting millions of players worldwide and receiving accolades for its ever-changing content releases and collaborations with iconic properties. 

 League of Legends: Most Watched Games on Twitch April 2024

League of Legends, developed by Riot Games, is a popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game known for its strategic depth and competitive action.

Players control powerful champions with distinct skills, collaborating in teams to destroy the enemy’s base while defending their own.

League of Legends has grown into a global sensation, reshaping the landscape of competitive gaming and esports. 

Valorant: Riot Games’ Tactical Shooter Takes Center Stage

Riot Games created Valorant, a tactical first-person shooter (FPS) that mixes precision gunplay with unique character powers.

Set in a near-future Earth, players participate in 5v5 bouts in which one team assaults and the other defends, with each character having unique skills that can change the tide of battle.

Valorant has swiftly garnered popularity in the competitive gaming arena, offering a unique blend of strategic depth and fast-paced combat.

Call of Duty: Most Watched Games on Twitch April 2024

Call of Duty is a long-running and iconic first-person shooter (FPS) video game franchise created by multiple studios such as Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Sledgehammer Games.

The series has explored a variety of historical and present military scenarios, providing players with dramatic single-player campaigns, competitive multiplayer modes, and cooperative gameplay.

Call of Duty, known for its cinematic storytelling, fast-paced action, and immersive multiplayer gameplay, has become one of the best-selling video game series of all time, enthralling millions of players worldwide with its exhilarating combat and addictive multiplayer modes. 

Minecraft: The Sandbox Sensation Maintains its Timeless Appeal

Mojang Studios developed Minecraft, a sandbox computer game known for its open-world exploring, creative building, and limitless possibilities.

Players explore blocky, randomly created environments, gathering resources, crafting tools, and constructing constructions of various sizes and shapes.

Minecraft has become a global phenomenon thanks to its boundless inventiveness and freedom, enabling players of all ages to let their imaginations run wild and embark on epic adventures in its virtual world.

Grand Theft Auto V: Most Watched Games on Twitch April 2024

Grand Theft Auto V, created by Rockstar Games, is an action-adventure game set in the fictional state of San Andreas.

Players take on the roles of three criminals, travelling a vast open world and participating in a variety of missions, heists, and activities.

Grand Theft Auto V, known for its rich plot, huge open world, and dynamic gameplay, has received critical praise and economic success, becoming one of the best-selling and most popular video games of all time.


These seven games were the most watched games on Twitch in April 2024, capturing fans with various gameplay experiences, engaging communities, and thrilling moments. From battle royale epics to esports showdowns to sandbox excursions, each game provided something new, demonstrating the enormous diversity and excitement that the gaming world has to offer. As Twitch evolves, these games will undoubtedly remain platform staples, entertaining and inspiring gamers for many years.