Over the past couple of years, Tik Tok has got insanely popular and is seemingly making superstars out of thin air. It seems like anyone can post a few videos on the platform and blow up. However is it that simple?

Just like all social media platforms out there, some people abuse the platform to gain success. The purchase followers, likes and views from view botting platforms. While we do not recommend doing this as it can lead to getting your account banned, we have taken a look at the platforms available and what they have to offer.

If you are looking to view a bot your way to success on TikTok you can check out the 7 best TikTok view bots below. Let’s jump in.

7 Best View Bots For TikTok

Before we jump into the best view bots I want to repeat that using these bots is not a good long term strategy and may result in your account getting banned. Now that we have that out of the way we can dive into the available view bots.

Media Mister TikTok Bot

Media Mister is a service that provides TikTok likes, views, followers and comments at reasonable prices.

Media mister has been around for a long time and provides services for pretty much every social media platform including Tik Tok. As they have been around for so long and have dealt with other platforms you know you are going to get a good service.

They break down their services by different types of bots. If you want views, you can specifically order views. If you want followers you can specifically order followers.

You can purchase 10,000 views for $9.99 on a specific video and purchase 1000 followers for $39.


  • Provide followers, likes, views & comments
  • Reasonably priced
  • Good customer support


Fueltok is another great service for Tiktok likes. These guys specifically specialise in TikTok so know what they are doing when it comes to providing TikTok views and engagement.

Fueltok provides likes, followers and views. Prices are a little more premium compared to Media Mister. This is likely due to them offering “real followers and views” according to their site.

One of the best features of Fueltok is its monthly plans. These plans allow you to get views on 1 video per day. When you upload a video on TikTok fueltok will instantly deliver the views to your video. If you plan to use bots as a long term strategy this is a great feature.

Ordering the monthly package gets you a massive discount. 2500 views per day for a month only costs $19.99 whereas a one time order of 2500 views costs $7.99. It’s much more affordable to order the monthly package. This can help you grow over a longer period of time.


  • Claims to have real followers & likes
  • Offer monthly plans which deliver views every day
  • Reasonably priced


Toksocial is a service that provides “Real TikTok followers”. According to their homepage, they do not use bots, or spam and don’t deliver fake followers.

Toksocial aims to build you a targeted audience that actually likes and wants to watch your content. They use advanced filters to only target people that will be interested in your content.

As this is a growth service and isn’t just providing you with a bunch of fake followers their pricing is a little different. They charge a weekly or monthly fee for their service with no guarantee of a specific amount of followers. As they are organically growing your account, exact growth is difficult to predict.

Their regular plan is $15 per week and their pro plan is $25 per week. Once you choose your plan you will get a dedicated account manager who oversees your campaign and can help address any questions you might have.


TokUpgrade is another agency style service that claims to provide you with real followers from their service.

Their service engages with other people on TikTok to help gain you, real followers. TokUpgrade tries to target people who are in your niche and will actually be interested in your content. This is usually a better strategy than just purchasing fake followers.

Tok upgrade will automatically follow/unfollow, Auto comment and auto like other people’s content to help you reach the people you want to gain as followers.

Essentially Tok upgrade is an automated bot that helps to gain you, real followers. They have a weekly pricing model with two available plans. Their standard plan comes in at $15 per week and their premium plan comes in at $25 per week. Bonus tip: if you go to leave their site you will receive a 20% discount code for the service.

Use Viral

Use Viral has one of the cheapest plans on our list. They sell Video views, likes and followers for Tik Tok.

At the low end of their services they are offering 1000 video views for $3.00. If you want a higher tier of views (Active views), it will cost you $4.80 to get. They claim that these are “Real Active Views”.

This service seems more like the fake follower delivery style vs delivering real engaged views. Depending on the strategy you are going for you may or may not want to use a service like this.

Social Viral

If you just want to test out how these services actually work then Social Viral may be a good option for you. They have plans starting at $1.58.

Social Viral is another service that will deliver you followers, likes and views and they claim that they are “real accounts”. It is unlikely that any of these accounts will enjoy your content and engage with you but it may be useful if you just want to pad your account with a lot of followers.

They promise speedy delivery, with your order being fulfilled within 12 hours and they have some of the lowest prices out there.

You can purchase 50 followers for $1.58 and 1000 followers for $19.99 on their platform.


Last on the list is FollowersUp. They offer engagement services for all social media platforms such as Instagram. Facebook and of course Tik Tok.

Followersup also has a monthly service available on their platform. We recommend using this option as it allows you to get views on up to 60 videos per month for a reasonable price.

For 1000 Autoviews on 60 videos it will cost you $59 per month. They have plans starting at $12 per month for 100 views a video and their highest plan delivers 20000 views per video for $499 per month.

Tok Captain

Tok Captain is another platform that allows you to purchase likes and followers starting at $2.99 for 100 likes.

This is a great service if you’re looking to purchase one-off followers or likes. Unfortunately, they currently do not have any monthly plans where you can subscribe to likes on every video you post.

Is It Safe To Use Tik Tok Like Bots?

Many Tik Tok-like services claim that they are “safe” however it is against Tik Toks terms of service to use any sort of engagement or like bots. While it is unlikely anything happens to your account it is always possible. Know you are risking your account when running any sort of view bot.

Wrapping Up

You now have all the information you need to choose a TikTok bot to help grow your following. Our recommended bot is Fueltok and their monthly plan. It is the most affordable and allows you get to get views on multiple videos on your account for 30 days.

Remember that using bots is generally against the terms of service of TikTok or any other social media platform. When using these bots you do so at your own risk.

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