Disclaimer: Using Twitch bots is against Twitch’s terms of service and by using one it runs the risk of getting your account banned. At Get On Stream we do not advocate the use of bots. However we know people will use them so we have found the safest most reliable View bots on the market.

There are many scams out there claiming that they can “get your partnered”& “Send thousands of real views” when in reality the are trying to steal your details. Never login to a View bot service using your account details or give your account details to anyone else.

The Best Twitch Viewbots In 2022

1. Twitch Booster [Realistic Viewers]

Twitch booster is another view bot that provides realistic looking viewers. They also have plans available to purchase one time without any monthly recurring subscriptions. This makes them a great option if you want to get some views to reach affiliate.

Their plans start at $15 for 20 live viewers and this lasts for 24 hours. They have 24 hour support on site and estimate that delivery of views will only take 1-3 minutes to arrive.

This makes it look much more realistic when starting your stream up as people will come in, in a short period of time at the start rather than a massive influx an hour into streaming.

As well as Twitch Views they also provide followers and channel views. For 100 followers they only charge $3.95.


  • Realistic looking viewers
  • Options to pay one time without Subscription
  • Pay with Credit Card, Paypal and Crypto
  • 24 Hour Live Support
  • Trusted Source for views

2. Streambot [Easiest To Use]

Streambot has one of the simplest and easiest to understand platforms out of all the bots we looked at. You just input your Twitch channel and then use a slider to determine how many viewers you want.

You can also choose how frequently these viewers join your stream and the country that they come from.

As well as offering Views like the other services they also offer followers and chatters. Their pricing starts at $10/Week which gets you 10 viewers and 10 followers and goes up to $90/Month for 100 live viewers.

Streambot is competitively priced compared to the other services out there.

3. Views 4 Twitch [Stable View Bot]

Views 4 Twitch has been around for over 2 years however has recently became the top result for a twitch bot on google. This is likely due to Viewerlabs shutting down.

Views 4 Twitch has an easy to use platform with affordable rates starting at $1.99 for 20 viewers for a period of 3 hours. This is good if you want to purchase views for a one off occasion. They unfortunately do not offer any subscription service on their platform meaning that you will have to pay every time you want to purchase views on Twitch.

The platform does not require you to download any software on your computer. The only information you have to give them is your username and the views will be delivered to your channel.

You can pay with credit card or load your on site balance using cryptocurrency.

4. Views.run [Best One Time View Bot]

Views.run has been around since 2017 and the reason we are including it on this list is they offer one of purchases for one time views. This could be useful if you’re just trying to get affiliate. They also offer 24 Hour chat support on their site if you run into any problems with the software.

They allow you to purchase ‘Single Use’ keys for as little as $5. A $5 key will get you access to 100 Viewers on a single stream. When you have used your key and stopped your stream your key is then used and cannot be used again.

Their Monthly packages actually come in at a pretty cheap price for the amount of viewers. For $50 you can get a 30 Day key which promises 100 Viewers at a time on your stream. So for every stream for a month you would have 100 viewers.

5. Useviral.com

Use Viral is a another popular service we have seen mentioned on the web however we personally do not recommend them. They do not provide Live twitch viewers that show up when your stream is live.

This is what most people are looking for in a bot and Use Viral don’t offer it. However if you do want to purchase followers or channel views they do offer this service. We don’t recommend buying followers or channel views as it doesn’t give you any real benefit on Twitch.

Best Free Twitch View Bot

The only reliable Free Twitch view bot that we have seen was Viewerlabs. However they have recently disappeared and took their website offline. There is currently no other options for free viewbots on the market.

How To Spot Twitch View Bot Scams

If someone is asking you for a password or asking you to download a software on your computer to get views on Twitch stay well away. They may be trying to install dangerous malware on your computer or steal your information. We recommend going with the providers we have mentioned above if you want to be safe.

Should I Use A View Bot On Twitch?

Running a view bot on Twitch runs you the risk of getting banned as well the potential to tarnish your reputation on Twitch.

You don’t want to be known as a viewbotter or have your account lifetime banned. This means you will never be allowed to create another Twitch account and make money from Twitch.

If you are running very large viewer numbers such as 100 viewers but have no real chatters in your chat people can instantly tell and will leave your stream.

While we don’t recommend it 1000’s of streamers still do it every day and get away with it. As Twitch has no real way to get discovered without having viewers it drives people to bots. If you use a small 10 viewer bot every day and are streaming in a small game category it could be a good way to get discovered. People are much more likely to click on a stream with 10 viewers than 0 viewers.

10 viewers is also small enough that it’s reasonable to believe not many people would be chatting so they can slip through the cracks.

Ultimately the decision is up to you but here at Get On Stream we don’t recommend it and would recommend using these tips to grow your stream to 20 viewers instead.


Wrapping Up

Ultimately we do not recommend using view bots however if you do decide to go down that path just know that you do run the risk of a ban. If you are going to use them then we recommend using the services we have recommended above.

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  1. Well, sadly Twitch (?) killed VL and TB of them. Viewerlabs was one of my favorites, since most reliable – and TB in second.

    SB/Views have been downgraded to being just a scam that takes your money but isn’t able to provide any service anymore.????

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