There are a lot of questions that people have about Twitch streaming. Can you sleep on a Twitch stream? Can you eat on a Twitch stream? Can you go to the bathroom on a Twitch stream? These are just but a few questions that you might be asking yourself. 

Here, we will discuss everything you need to know on whether you can sleep on a Twitch Stream. Let’s get right into it.

Can You Sleep On A Twitch Stream?

Yes, you can sleep on a Twitch stream and you are responsible for everything that goes on your stream and chat while sleeping. Twitch did not allow sleep streams until February 2021.

Twitch did not allow sleep streams because it was considered that the streamer was not active or was absent on their live stream and sleep streams were categorized under unattended/idle content. However, things have changed, and sleep streams are now allowed on Twitch and have a category.

We must point out that the terms of service still apply to sleep streams. This means you are held responsible for everything that happens on your stream or chat during a sleep stream.

Therefore, if you decide to take on a sleep stream, employ the proper techniques like getting a moderator to help you regulate the chat to prevent viewers from saying or sharing things that collide with the terms of service.

How To Setup A Sleep Stream

Choose the “Sleep” or “I’m only sleeping” category to set up a sleep stream on Twitch. After which, put up your equipment and set up your stream. Make sure to coordinate moderators who will watch over your channel.

Some resources out there will ask you to skip the category selection bit when setting up a sleep stream. However, this is against the terms of services and is punishable in Twitch. Therefore, always select the right category for your sleep stream and stay safe.

Sleep streams are straightforward to set up. Although they do not attract as much traffic as other types of content, they sometimes generate very engaging content.

Here’s how to set up your sleep stream quickly:

1. Open your Twitch account, and click on the avatar on the upper right corner and select Creator Dashboard.

2. Then go to Stream Manager > Edit Stream Info.

3. Change your Category to sleep and click Done.

Best Ways To Keep A Sleep Stream Interesting

Now that you are sleeping, you need to give your viewers a reason to continue being on your stream. Here are tips for an exciting and successful sleep stream:

1. Use Proper Lighting

Choosing proper lighting for your stream is tricky because the lights should not be too bright to prevent you from sleeping and not too dull to prevent the viewers from seeing you. Striking a lighting balance is not easy for many streamers.

Invest in high-quality and customizable lights that allow you to dim or brighter as need be. Also, for the best illumination, place the lights above your bed. The last thing you want is for your viewers to squint to see you.

2. Play a Good Audio

Playing audios on sleep streams is a preference, but it gives an ASMR feel. Invest in high-quality on-camera mics for this purpose. Having the audio playing will not only help you sleep better, but it will keep people watching. Some viewers may get bored watching you asleep and decide to leave, but interesting audio will keep them around longer.

3. Play YouTube Videos

Playing YouTube videos is another way to break the silence on the stream. However, it is an option and depends on the type of sleep stream you had promised your viewers.

If the stream intends to have you sleeping all through, videos in the background won’t count. On the other hand, if you are streaming for more than 24 hours and sleeping because it is at night, then YouTube videos will keep your viewers entertained as you rest.

4. Enable Text to Speech Donations

Allowing text to speech donations allows the viewers to send messages or letter strings and interact with each other while you are sleeping. The hilarious content shared between users keeps them in your sleep stream. However, this comes with many risks and should only be done by channels with enough moderates to keep the sharing in check.

5. Long-Lasting Camera Battery

A camera battery that will last overnight is a number one requirement when doing a sleep stream. There is possibly no bigger mistake than being on board for three hours, and then your battery dies.

If you are using a camera, consider purchasing a dummy battery so that you can have it plugged in overnight without the fear of spoiling the original camera batteries.

Things To Note Before Starting A Sleep Stream

If you are planning to do a sleep stream, here are important things you should note to benefit from it:

1. The Terms of Service of Twitch Apply to Sleep Streams

It is crucial to understand that you are responsible for everything on your sleep stream and chat. Therefore, it is essential to put on proper measures to ensure that your stream remains safe. Below are two ways to ensure that your sleep stream does not get you in trouble:

  • Work with a moderator- a trusted moderator will ensure that your viewers are not saying things that might put your channel in trouble with Twitch. The number of moderators you need depends on the size of the stream. What’s more, inform at least one moderator on how to reach you in case your attention is required.
  • Dress appropriately- the clothes you wear on a sleep stream should cover you as much as possible. This reduces the possibility of the attires slipping away and revealing your body more than it is allowed in Twitch. An adult onesie is a good choice because it covers all parts of your body while keeping you warm and comfortable.

2. A sleep Stream Is Not the Best Way to Grow Your Twitch Channel

Sleep streams may not benefit your channel if you have few followers. Your discoverability is still low, and you have not built a solid community to keep you company in your sleep yet.

While it might work for establishment channels, there should be a cut because of the risks involved. By sleeping and allowing your viewers in your channels, you are passing on your content creation role to them, and their content might not be the best for your channel.

Why Do Streamers Do Sleep Streams?

Streamers do sleep streams for two main reasons: creating unique content and keeping a stream running for long hours.

1. Unique Content

Watching someone sleeping is boring for streamers used to engaging content. However, it is unique. Users get to experience the streamer differently. While it does not work for some channels, sleep streams have earned some streamers a lot of money and followers.

2. To Keep Lengthy Streams Running

If a streamer commits to a stream lasting more than 24 hours, they will continue streaming while sleeping instead of ending the stream. While it is important to stick by your 36 hours stream, your health comes first hence the need for sleep.

Can You Get Banned For Sleeping On Twitch?

No, you cannot get banned for sleeping on Twitch unless your sleep stream breaks the terms of service that warrant a ban. For this reason, coordinate with your moderators, who will watch over your channels while you are sleeping.

If you accidentally fall asleep in another category, your channel can be reported for inactivity, which might land you in a lot of trouble.

Most Popular Sleep Streams

Several Twitch streamers have stirred reactions on the internet for sleeping on their live streams. Some of the most popular sleep streamers include:

  1. Asian Andy
  2. JustaMinx
  3. OMGchad
  4. YuriJoa

Wrap Up

Sleep streams are now legal in Twitch. Although their content is unique, it is not the best way to grow channels with few followers. They should only be used by large channels with dedicated followers but with a limit. If you decide to try this type of content, ensure to choose the “sleep” or “I’m just sleeping” category to avoid getting into trouble with Twitch.

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