When you enter any Twitch chat you see a rainbow of colors in the chat but how do you change yours? Maybe you want to change it to your favourite color or maybe your name is the Blue Dragon and having your name in green would be silly.

Let’s show you how you can easily change your name on twitch.

How To Change Twitch Name Color – Method 1

Step 1

While watching any stream, type something in chat and then click on your own name. When you click on your own name some options will appear. Select Edit chat identity.

Step 2

You will be shown multiple colors that you can now select from under “Global Name Color”.

There are 15 default colors you can choose from for free. Just click on the color you want your name to be. You can then leave the menu and your name will be the color you have chosen in chat. If you want to have access to more custom colours read on.

Step 3

If you want more options to choose from you can select “More Colors”. If you have Twitch Prime you will be able to create any color you want using Hex Codes.

If you do not have Twitch Prime you can also sign up to Twitch turbo which gives you the option to utilise the HEX editor. Twitch Turbo costs $8.99/month and also gives you a few extra features like no ads on Stream. You can see the full list of benefits below however in my opinion it’s not worth it. You would be better signing up to amazon prime and linking it to your account. That way you get faster amazon deliveries, Amazon prime TV and access to prime on Twitch which still lets you change the color of your name.

However if you fancy splurging and you hate the annoying ads on Twitch then Twitch turbo might be the option for you.

How To Change Twitch Name Color – Method 2

Believe it or not there is a way to change your Twitch name color without having to pour through menus. If you like commands and shortcuts this way is for you.

Step 1

If you go to any streamers chat you can type in /color [color]. For example if you wanted to change your name color to blue you would type /color blue in the chat. You will then receive a message letting you know your color has changed.

Your color may not change immediately. If that is the case then just refresh the page and it will switch over to the color you have selected.

Below is the list of colors you can choose from:

Blue, BlueViolet, CadetBlue, Chocolate, Coral, DodgerBlue, Firebrick, GoldenRod, Green, HotPink, OrangeRed, Red, SeaGreen, SpringGreen, YellowGreen

How Do I Change The Color Of My Twitch Name On Mobile

The only way to change the color of your name on mobile is through the /color command. Just use the tutorial mentioned in Method 2 and you will be able to quickly change the color of your twitch name on mobile.

Can I Make My Name Glow On Twitch?

Unfortunately you currently can not make your name glow on Twitch. This used to be a feature available on Better Twitch TV however it has subsequently removed. Only a few lucky users still have access to this feature.


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