When going live on Twitch you have the opportunity to send out a notification to your followers. This is extremely powerful and is usually underutilised by small streamers.

Having the ability to send a message directly to a followers phone is a great way to drive more viewers instantly to your stream. However most people don’t use creative Notifications meaning there’s a lot of room to improve your click through rate and pull more viewers in.

In todays article we’re going to give you some great ideas for Twitch Go Live Notifications that will increase your clickthrough rate.

How To Set Up Your Twitch Go Live Notifications

To set up your Twitch Go Live notifications head over the your stream manager section of your dashboard. You can then select Edit Stream Info under the Quick Actions panel.

In here you can easily add in a go live notification of your choice. Check out our recommend Twitch go live notifications below.

21 Twitch Go Live Notification Ideas

  1. “[Streamer Name] Has mentioned you on their stream!”
  2. “Hey it’s [Streamer Name] Open Up!”
  3. “How Typical [Streamer Name] is Streaming again”
  4. “I know you see this, I dare you to click”
  5. “Bored? I Can Fix That!”
  6. “I bet you won’t click on this stream!”
  7. “Click it or you’ll step on lego”
  8. “hey it’s your phone, [Streamer Name] is live!”
  9. “[Streamer Name] just went live on [Game]”
  10. “I’m playing [Game] come chill”
  11. “What’s you favourite character in [Game]?”
  12. “[Streamer] went live! | [Game] | Come Watch Me Play”
  13. “Playing with Subs, come hang”
  14. “Going for a WR Speedrun! Click now!”
  15. “Giveaway is live, join to enter” (Only if you have a giveaway)
  16. “Join the gang, we just went live”
  17. “Lurk gang I know you’re here, get in the stream”
  18. “Hows your day been? Let’s chat!”
  19. “New Season is out! Let’s go team!”
  20. “Getting dubs, come watch!”
  21. “I know you see this, click it before I disappear.”

Feel free to copy and paste some of these and mix them up a little depending on the games you are playing.

Using something creative is much more likely to draw in more viewers than the bog standard Twitch notification. Use everything you can to your advantage when streaming on Twitch.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully you enjoyed this article and can now pull in an extra few viewers to your stream. If you have any creative ideas for notifications feel free to drop them below if you want us to add them to the article.

If you want to learn more about growing your stream feel free to check out some of the articles below.

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