“If you have to wonder about whether or not you should be doing something.. Don’t do it.”

Entertainment for all of us is constantly changing in different ways. From reading books to watching a movie through streaming services, it tends to evolve in different things. Nowadays, we get the opportunity to watch other gamers use their skills to play challenging video games.

Most noteworthy, they use this service to start an unusual job where they earn money by sharing their gameplay with the world. As a result, if you want to start venturing on this journey, you’ll need to understand how to start on the right foot.

Through this article, you’ll learn how to keep your channel safe and keep your record clean. Hence, you’ll have to worry when your Twitch channel becomes your primary source of income.

7 Things That Will Get You Banned On Twitch

From now on, you’ll see different hints that can only occur when you’re streaming anything with your Twitch channel. When you know about the warnings, you’ll indeed have a plan to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

We all know that it takes a lot of time to become famous on Twitch. Therefore, if you get banned, it could become a chore if you want to start all over again with a new “alias.” Above all, the guidelines that you will learn aren’t anything that hard to avoid. As a result, if you follow the rules, you’ll keep a good relationship with your new “boss.”

If by any chance you make one mistake, you probably gain a warning first. Moreover, you could get a temporal ban for 24 hours or even a week. Afterwards, you’re near the red line, and you probably need to stay extra careful for a while.

Here you have the different X Things That Will Get You Banned On Twitch:


Things could become too “spicy” if you try to show some nudity through your channel during your stream. In this case, it involves streaming any source that contains some “inappropriate” parts of a body. On the other hand, you could get warnings if you show intimate parts of yourself while streaming.

Remember that any viewer could come into your stream. Therefore, to avoid any legal troubles in the future, the Twitch website wants to keep the content “clean” for all ages.

Playing Banned Games

Even though you usually see video game gameplay channels on Twitch, not all the games are welcome in this interphase. When there’s too much trouble or the developers add too much “dangerous” content to their art, they probably aren’t welcome on Twitch.

As a result, the banned game you’re trying to play is not on the official list. After that warning sign, you might think twice before streaming any content from that game.

Similarly, some games that are in “alpha” or “beta” stages that have some streaming restrictions may ban your channel if you’re showing that content on your Twitch. Always check twice before playing a new or unreleased game (especially if you get it early on console).

Streaming Copyrighted Materials

Even though you see streamer playing something from Youtube, not all of the videos you’ll find on that website are safe. Sometimes, looking at an official song video might give you a couple of warnings if you’re not careful. Most noteworthy, with the new changes from the Twitch DMCA rules, you could get your channel banned if you’re playing copyrighted music.

At the moment, to avoid any possible troubles, streamers tend to pay for “legal” music that is safe to use only on that channel. Other members tend to avoid any problems in the future and do not play any music at all. Most noteworthy, even if you disable the video recordings on your channel, you might find yourself with some warning in the future.

Additionally, not all involve music when we’re talking about copywriting materials. You can get into trouble in this area if you intend to stream any famous movie or meaningful sports event. Indeed, Twitch gives you tools to avoid risks and lets you play this media (movies or television series) through Prime Video.

When it comes to sports, streamers use an exciting technique. Instead of showing any copyrighted footage, they go for the “live reaction” way. Therefore, they leave the webcam and offer their viewers their first reactions when they see the games themselves.

Saying/Writing Inappropriate Language

Within our gaming experiences, we often reach a point when we need to release some “rage.” When you’re streaming live, sometimes this event could become entertaining for the average viewer. Therefore, they might laugh as we scream anything that comes to our minds on the screen and the “unfair” NPCs.

On the other hand, it could become troublesome when we direct or rage to another player, streamer, or even the Twitch staff. Moreover, without thinking about it too much, some of the insults could have controversial content.

If things get out of hand, it could easily lead to a warning or possible banning. Above all, if you reach the “professional” status, you could even lose reputation and money in just seconds. Hence, always have an automatic response when things go wrong. Blame the game or your controllers instead of other players.

Take a look at this list of banned words on Twitch so you can avoid any unwanted bans.

Show Violence on Your Channel

Besides video games, we have the opportunity to see different content on Twitch. For example, you can see constant streamers showing their viewers how to cook, make musing, or even how to code video games. In other words, you can even learn something new and meaningful in your life with positive channels on this website.

In contrast, you should look to stream elsewhere if you think showing something unproductive and harmful is correct. As we mentioned before, people from all types of cultures and ages tend to visit Twitch. Indeed, you might reach the point where your channel could show illegal behavior.

Keep things on the positive side. If you want to share something meaningful, you could teach how you practice your good times to the world.

Share/Steal a Twitch Account

When you create a new account on this website, you should stay inside those “walls.” Indeed, sometimes in the middle of everything, streamers make something related to a team. Sometimes, they even share the popular channel that multiple people use from time to time.

But, things could go wrong when you somehow gather vital information from another user (like its login/password) without their consent. With enough evidence, the “Twitch Police” might find the culprit and block any possible partnerships.

At the same time, avoid making/linking any shady website that could scam Twitch users. You do not need that extra information to gain viewers and become famous on this part of the Internet.

Beg for Viewers/Subscriptions in Other Twitch Channels

This type of strategy is less impactful, but it is still tedious to see everywhere. Practically, some streamers use unprotected chats to share their links. The whole idea is to “steal” viewers from rising Twitch channels and take them for themselves. As a result, you could get banned from multiple streamers until the Twitch staff says “enough,” and you get some warnings.

Moreover, you could come across those “beggers” or users that want free subscriptions from other users/streamers. Similar to the previous example, you can only obtain a ban and a negative reputation.

Use the chat privileges wisely and be polite to all of the users of this website. Sometimes, you can get the “Moderator” status and raids from famous channels if you act cool.

Wrapping Up

Even though there are many rules on the Twitch channel, you only need to follow a positive mindset. Stay positive and help the community grow with funny and exciting entertainment.

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