The FIFA 23 gameplay teasers have gotten all of us fairly eager to get our hands on EA’s latest flagship title. The game boasts insane next-gen graphics and fresh storylines, updated teams, and rivalries between our favorite teams. With the release date just around the corner, many of you are probably wondering where you can find the best FIFA 23 content.

Fortunately for you, we’ve managed to compile a list of the best FIFA 23 Youtubers to look out for moving forward. Whether you’re looking to up your game, wanting to watch returning pro-players battle it out, or binge on some entertaining content during lunch, we’ve got you covered! 

List Of The Best Fifa 23 YouTubers

Here are some of the best FIFA YouTubers that you should look out for:


Want to know whether you should spend FIFA coins on that limited pack right now? Or whether it’s wise to save up for a player to add to your Ultimate Team? Well, BorasLegend has got you covered. Boras consistently dishes out prime FIFA content, mostly focusing on splurging on FIFA packs so you don’t have to. 

He has a way of keeping his audience incredibly engaged. Plus, he is one of the best content creators to go to if you want to find the optimal way to spend your coins on the newest cards, or whether you want to know how they’ll fit in your lineup. 

He frequently goes over stats and rankings for the best cards, and even goes over the options you could go for when you’re on a budget, so the next time you’re giving your team a revamp do consider visiting his Youtube channel.

You can also find him on his Twitter or Instagram or watch him stream on Twitch.


You may have heard or seen glimpses of Manny in different Sidemen collaboration videos or in their ever-popular FIFA tournaments. Manny is an English YouTuber whose content revolves around all things FIFA.

His contagious electric personality compliments the high adrenaline moments he tries to capture in his content, which varies from real-life Football tournaments to reacting to the most recent releases in FIFA. 

The die-hard Liverpool fan inside him often shows in his videos and is a great creator to relate to if you’re one yourself. He’ll often showcase his career runs with his Liverpool team, displaying his creativity in team building and raw FIFA skill.

You can find him on Instagram, Twitter or follow his content on Youtube.

TFV Gaming

One of many familiar faces in the FIFA landscape, TFV gaming has been consistently releasing FIFA content for the past decade or so. He offers one of the best varieties in content and never distracts from the purpose of his channel, almost religiously keeping to only  FIFA gameplay over the 10+ years he’s remained in the scene. 

Having just over 1 million subscribers on youtube, he lets his content vary between tips and tricks videos, latest releases and the most bizarre yet entertaining edits. Complimenting his material with a great personality and funny quips, you’ll never find a dull moment in his content. 

The only caveat is that you’ll have to stand humorous slander against your favorite players since TFV Gaming has a tendency of taking hilarious jibes at players’ performances ever so often.

You can find him on Instagram, Twitter or follow his content on Youtube.


You’ve probably heard of Tekkz if you’ve followed the 2022 pro scene at all, signed under the eSports organization Fnatic as their star player. He holds a rapidly growing following on YouTube, sitting at just over 700K subscribers.

You can binge on tips-and-tricks videos all you want, but watching a pro player’s mind at work while they play the game is integral to ascending one’s own gameplay. 

Tekkz is most likely the best player to watch for this purpose. Crowned as the unequivocal greatest player in FIFA in 2022, he often shares his matches against other professionals and offers his own input. 

While he hasn’t uploaded in a while, you can count on him dishing out content once FIFA 23 officially releases. Watching his gameplay should help your grind towards the top of the ranked ladder. 

You can find him on Instagram,Twitter or follow his content on Youtube or Twitch.


Funny, quirky, entertaining, explosive, neither of those words do justice to Andy Castells channel. A well-known member of the FIFA YouTube community, he consistently uploads amazing content for the game and you can rely on him to give you all the relevant team-building approaches for FIFA 23 as well. 

AJ3 is beloved by his viewers. Always keeping a jolly mood, he always makes sure his viewers get what they like while never failing to make them laugh along the way. Grab a snack and head on over to his channel to check out his amazing squad-building commentaries, comparisons and team-building advice to help create your Ultimate Team.

You can find him on Instagram, Twitter, follow his content on Youtube or watch him stream on Twitch.


Adeniran “Niran” Yesufu is an English Youtuber more popularly known as FlyingNiranGatang (FNG). One of the few FIFA Youtubers with a consistent and frequent upload schedule, you can rely on FNG to give you regular updates, tips, rankings, and reaction videos. 

He’s been gradually growing his fanbase over the years, always making sure to maintain an energetic vibe in his videos. He’ll also keep you up to date with the latest FIFA news, transfers, and what teams to look out for.

You can find him on Instagram, Twitter or follow his content on Youtube.


Nepenthez, often shortened to Nep by his viewers, is another British FIFA YouTuber with one of the largest fan bases in the game, currently boasting just under 2 million subscribers on Youtube.

His love-hate relationship with FIFA is one you’ll probably relate to as you’ll probably find him fuming at his horrible luck or complaining about EA’s horrible decisions while simultaneously never being able to let go of the game. 

You can often find him in fits of rage at his awful card luck while spamming packs open, which makes the times he hits the jackpot just as rewarding to watch as you’re bound to get an ecstatic reaction from him.

You can find him on Instagram, Twitter, follow his content on Youtube or watch him stream on Twitch.


Another familiar face in the FIFA scene, you can count on Zweback to give you gameplay of the wackiest teams you’ll ever see. Recently having reached the coveted 1 million subscriber milestones, the Swiss-based YouTuber uploads the most hilarious team combinations and compliments his content with his humorous and jolly personality.

In addition, his videos are a great tool to help you make informed decisions on expensive investments. Want to know which 95+ rated cards are overrated or underrated? Zwebacks got you covered all the way.

His channel is an amazing source of binge-worthy and educational content. With unmatched energy and charisma, you can be sure to be entertained through his videos.

You can find him on Instagram, and Twitter, follow his content on Youtube or watch him stream on Twitch.

Wrapping Up

That’s it for some of the most popular names in the FIFA gaming space currently! You can expect a ton of fresh content from these talented YouTubers, and hopefully, this stacked roster makes it easier for you to decide who to watch with FIFA 23’s well-anticipated release just around the corner.

So sit down and grab a snack while you head on to any of the above-mentioned channels because you’re guaranteed to find whatever type of FIFA content you’re looking for right there!