Overwatch 2 is here, and there have been interesting new developments in regard to playable characters. New players joining the game won’t have access to the entirety of the roster and will instead have to grind through the initial stages of the game to get access to the rest of the heroes and eventually even competitive mode.

Considering this little conundrum, we thought it was best to show you exactly which heroes to unlock as a newcomer to Overwatch as you hone your skills on the fast-paced battlefield.

Determine Your Playstyle

There are notedly three roles in Overwatch you can choose from, each boasting its own specific roster with unique characters. You can choose to be either DPS, Healer, or Tank. If you’re well versed with the roles in question, thanks to other similar games, you’ll know what they’re about. If not let me explain.

If you take a look down below, we’ve defined which characters you should unlock first to grasp the game’s mechanics. As you go down each of these respective lists, the difficulty will gradually increase, and playstyles will become more complex.

Best DPS in Overwatch 2 For Beginners

Most of the characters from this class are directly responsible for dealing damage on the enemy front-line or catching them off-guard through flanks. They have to be on the top of their game to ensure that the Healers and Tanks can do their jobs well to seal the deal.

Soldier 76

Jack Francis Morrison, or Soldier 76, is a beginner-friendly DPS character that you should start your journey with if you’re interested in embarking on your damage journey in Overwatch 2. He’s a “hit-scan” hero, which means his shots will line up exactly where you shoot.

  • Sprint – Allows you to move faster than other characters, enabling improved mobility which in turn can be useful for quick repositioning to make sure you always have the advantage on your enemy.
  • Biotic Field – Put down a healing pod that will restore your HP as well as any other allies that are standing within the designated Area of Effect. Improves your survivability and allows you to stay on the enemy’s back for longer periods of time even without support.
  • Helix Rockets – Your gun’s alternate-fire are rockets that deal a huge amount of damage upon direct impact. It can be useful to pick out individual enemies that you have a clear shot on. Lead with this to bring your enemy’s health down and shoot the remaining of their health away.
  • Tactical Visor – You can activate aimbot with Soldier’s ultimate. As long as the enemy’s in your line-of-sight, all you have to do is hold down the left-click to directly shoot at them. The ultimate will allow you to hit every single bullet.


Jamison Fawkes or Junkrat, or as we like to call him, “hold down Left-Click and just forget about it.” The character’s loadout is absolutely devastating as he can just shred through every inch of the enemy’s shields and health pool with his bombs.

Moreover, you can even wipe out low-health enemies like Tracer with your landmine by simply throwing it and detonating it on them directly.

  • Concussion Mine – By using this ability, you’ll be able to throw a small mine that will deal damage and knock enemies away from the point of impact. Can lower enemies’ health in a group and push them away from the objective.
  • Steel Trap – Put this down at a flank or anywhere you like, and any unfortunate passerby will be caught in it. It deals a small amount of damage as well. You can also pair it up with your mine, and once you get the notification that someone’s trapped, BOOM!
  • RIP-TIRE – Junkrat’s ultimate is an explosive tire that will instantly kill most enemies if they’re close enough upon detonation. When activated, simply steer it in between your enemies, and you can potentially wipe out the entire team with just the click of a button.


Cole Cassidy, formerly known as McRee, is yet another hit-scan DPS with a literal cannon in his hand. With this character, you are a nightmare for your opponent team if you play your cards right. Using your flash grenades, you can take out most of your DPS competition with a simple headshot as they are stunned.

  • Fan the Hammer – Cassidy will unload his entire revolver in one go, with less shot per damage, but just enough to eliminate squishy enemies. Most effective in succession with a stun grenade.
  • Combat Roll – This is perhaps the only tool for mobility in McRee’s kit. If you need to move to cover quickly, you can instantly roll while reloading your gun, which simultaneously prepares you to retaliate.
  • Deadeye – The “High Noon” ultimate will lock onto enemy players, and the longer Cassidy stays in this stance, the more the damage ramps up. When the red skull appears, left-click to instantly kill enemies. Keep in mind that this damage keeps going up even after the red skulls have popped up. You can even use the ultimate to instantly destroy Reinhardt’s shield with time.

Best Supports in Overwatch 2 For Beginners

If you like to stay at the back while healing your teams through fierce battles as they soar through the skies or dash around, then this will be the role for you. Supports are key to the team’s survival in most encounters; one misplaced heal and the enemy team can overwhelm you in an instant.


By far, one of the most favorite and beloved characters of Overwatch is Mercy. Not only is she a good character for players looking to start out in the support role, but also for players just jumping into the game.

  • Caduceus Staff – You can either heal or boost damage output for allies with your staff. As Mercy, your primary role is to make sure your allies’ health bar remains full, while taking the opportunity every now and then to help increase the overall DPS.
  • Guardian Angel – With this ability, Mercy can fly toward her allies to tend to their injuries. This can also be used as an escape mechanic to run away from enemies.
  • Resurrect – Through resurrection, you can revive one dead ally on the field. This is best used on key characters like tanks. The prioritization for revival may vary depending on your team’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Valkyrie – Mercy’s ultimate will allow her to fly, and deal more damage with her pistol while also boosting the amount she heals. Your healing ray will also chain to any nearby allies, without you having to individually heal every one of them for the duration of the ultimate.


Moira dabbles in both support and DPS every now and then. Her style is fairly easy to master. You need to prioritize healing, while jumping in for sneaky kills on key characters like supports and DPS to destabilize the opposition from where they least expect it.

  • Biotic Grasp – Heal allies or damage enemies. Your damaging attack will lock onto enemies within a limited range while also acting as a life-leech to return the damage to you as health. With the healing variant, you can assist your allies and bring their HP back up. The heals aren’t as fast as Mercy’s but definitely reliable.
  • Necrotic Orb – Moira’s Necrotic Orb deals 40 damage and 10 explosion damage when activated within its 3-meter radius. Any enemies affected, will have their damage reduced by 75%.
  • Healing Orb – The Healing Orb can be sent out separately for allies to rejuvenate them for 250 or 300 HP.
  • Coalescence – Fire Moira’s ultimate to unleash an energy beam that will aid allies and rapidly damage any enemies standing in its path. If paired with other members of your party, you can essentially wipe the entire enemy team.


Lucio’s presence is such an invigoration that it can provide allies with either healing or movement speed boosts. You must ensure you’re close to your enemies with the right mode, and you’ll be doing your part! Using Lucio’s superior mobility, you can evade almost any enemy without too much of a hitch.

  • Wall Ride – Lucio’s wall ride ability allows him to slide on vertical walls, which also boosts his movement speed by 30%. If you use this correctly, the enemy team will have a hard time landing any hits on you.
  • Soundwave – More commonly known as the ‘Boop’, you are able to use your gun to push enemies away a short distance. This can be lethal if you push your enemies off the map.
  • Crossfade – Switch between either the healing mode or speed mode. Within a radius of 12 meters, Lucio will apply the effects of a given song to all of his allies. Switch accordingly to maximize your team’s efficiency.
  • Amp it Up – By using an ‘amplifier’, Lucio will be able to multiply the bonuses given by Crossfade, dramatically increasing the amount heroes are healed for, as well as the percentage increase in speed per hero.
  • Sound Barrier – Lucio will create a spread-out wave that gives all allies within a 30-meter radius, 750 shields. This lasts for 7 seconds and can change the tide of a battle.

Best Tanks in Overwatch 2 For Beginners

As a tank, not only are you capable of dealing damage, but you also have a fairly large health pool with abilities that ensure you can absorb a huge amount of damage, allowing your team to utilize the window of opportunity to fight on your behest.


Reinhardt is the first tank you should be playing as your allies will be playing around your shield. Assist your enemies in pushing forward, and whip out your hammer every now and then to damage squishy enemies.

  • Charge – Ram into your enemies, with a limit of being able to drag one along with you. All subsequent enemies are knocked out of the way. If you happen to collide with an object while an enemy is pinned, they will take heavy damage.
  • Fire Strike – Make sure to use this projectile in a concentrated group of enemies. In most cases, it can be used to charge up your ultimate rather quickly, while also lowering enemy health for DPS to finish them off.
  • Barrier Field – The most important part of your arsenal is your shield. You will be using this to guard your allies against any incoming damage while allowing them to safely unload their abilities on the enemy team.
  • Earthshatter – Slam your hammer on the ground to stun all enemies in a linear path. For 2.5 seconds, all affected units will be immobilized and unable to move.


The robot Orisa is a tank with immobile shields that can be placed in one spot. Your job is to consistently harass the enemy team with your primary weapon, while catching them off-guard with your graviton charge.

  • Energy Javelin – Toss a javelin at an enemy, which stuns them and knocks them back. Deal extra damage if the targeted enemy collides with a wall.
  • Fortify – When fortified, Orisa can not be knocked back, pinned or stunned. You will be virtually unstoppable and receive added 125 health, reduce heat generated on your weapon with a 20% slowed movement speed.
  • Terra Surge – Push enemies back with an energy javelin, preferably into a wall. While activated, Fortify will also automatically be activated. The surge can be released early by using your Primary Fire.


Everyone’s beloved monkey, Winston, while having a fairly easy arsenal to utilize, can be fairly difficult to manage in terms of positioning. You don’t have to worry much about aiming since Winston’s electric gun will lock onto enemies. The best way to utilize him is to jump to vulnerable squishy enemies and kill them ASAP.

  • Jump Pack – Use your jump pack to leap a long distance in the aimed direction. You can instantly zone in on any long-range enemies that may be harassing your team, like Widowmaker, Genji, or Soldier 76. This will throw them off-guard, allowing your allies to push further in.
  • Barrier Projector – Deploy a portable barrier that can tank a small amount of damage. It disappears after a short time as well. Extremely useful to drain enemy ammunition in a heated fight, giving your teammates a chance to make the perfect retaliation.
  • Primal Rage – Winston’s ultimate bulks his health pool up, while allowing him to push any and all enemies using melee attacks. If used right, you can even use this to take over points by yourself or push enemies off the map.

Wrapping Up

If you’re new to the Overwatch community, remember that the game’s initial experience can be fairly challenging. But if you stick to the heroes and the strategies we mentioned above as a newcomer, you’ll have no problem fitting in with the rest of the players, and eventually, be able to hold your own ground in competitive!

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