Are you searching for the ideal webcam to start your Twitch journey or any streaming service? Maybe you are unsure yet on what would be the best option? Don’t worry! We have prepared the best streaming cameras from different categories, as well as factors you need to consider before purchasing the best webcams for streaming on twitch. Let’s get started!

The 2 Types Of Webcam Available

There are different types of camera that you should take note in streaming. It will also depend in a few factors like budget, usage, and production. Having a cheap camera or using your phone may be a quick solution, but eventually you will realize that having a better camera will be a great boost to your video quality.

Best Webcams For Streamers

This is not the built in camera in your laptop or desktop monitor! For you to achieve that crisp, high quality, high fps streams, it is highly recommended for you to have an external webcam. Modern webcams can capture 4k resolution at 30fps, which are ideal if you wanted to have the best video quality streams. And since most webcams won’t cost you a fortune, no doubt that this is the best camera option for an entry-level or beginner streamer! Here are the 3 best highly recommended webcams:

Logitech C922x

This is one of the most popular streaming cameras on the market. It is more than good enough as your first streaming camera and is a great budget option.

Logitech Brio

4k @ 30fps, 1080p @ 60fps, 720p @ 90fps. Ideal for gamers, as you will have nearly the same fps of the game you are playing while your main camera is in a small window. Downside is when you are switching from 1080p to 4k, your field of view drops or gets cropped, which disallows your viewers to see the rest of your background. It is also used by popular streamers such as Tfue and xQc.

Razer Kiyo Pro

1080p @ 60fps. Wide angle lens to capture a wider field of view. This webcam comes with a built in small ring light. If you don’t have the money for a light source and a webcam this could be a good option.

Best Mirrorless Cameras For Streamers

Mirrorless cameras have been the best camera option for streaming indoors and outdoors. Although webcams of today have great video quality, mirrorless cameras produces consistent video quality output despite being on different modes like when it is in autofocus and color correction. This is due to the higher APS-C sensor which lets you capture more detail, with the help of interchangeable lenses, make your video quality more dynamic. Since mirrorless cameras are basically an upgrade for DSLRs. Simply put that most of the DSLRs on the same price point, requires you to switch to manual focus so that you will have better quality output from the HDMI, which is a bummer since it will not allow the camera to focus freely on the subject. Also, since mirrorless cameras are compact and lightweight versus DSLRs, it is much more recommended if you are planning to stream for a long period. Here are 2 of the best recommendations:

Sony Alpha a6100

Full autofocus and recording at 4k @ 30fps and 1080p @60fps. It has a flip-up LCD panel which is highly recommended for streaming as it will show you a preview of your recording before even going live. Also features a microphone input port, which you can attach a mic for better voice quality when streaming outdoors. The previous a6000 model, is currently used by Pokimane and Shroud as their main streaming camera.

Canon M200

Runner up is the best budget mirrorless that costs only at $549. With full autofocus, recording at 1080p @ 60fps and 4k @ 24fps. Also features a flip-up 3-inch touch panel LCD with input and output ports on the side. Color grading looks more natural and has a calmer tone. Downside is that the 4k recording is cropped down to a 1:6, which reduces the area that is being captured.

Things To Look For A Webcam?

Before jumping into purchasing a new camera, consider these factors as your checklist or guide in identifying the best camera for you. You will also pick up a few tips to achieve better overall video quality. If you just want a webcam recommendation click here.

  • Luminance – You will require a soft light source such as soft boxes, ring lights, or LED panels to help illuminate your area. You need this light source, as the lenses on the webcam, or any other camera, will help it capture more colors thus preventing poor video quality and low frame rate. This is highly recommended if you are streaming at night or without any background light.
  • Frames – Or commonly known as FPS (frames per second), Frame rate affects the video quality by how high or low your frames are. Ideally you wanted to have higher fps so your streams would look natural and smooth. This is specially noted for gaming streams wherein the game fps versus your camera window fps does not match or at least have a high fps. This creates a distraction for the viewers and will cause interruption.
  • Connector Type – Preferably you wanted to have and HDMI mini or USB 3 connectors for your camera going to your desktop or laptop, as these types of connectors will allow a faster rate of data transfer, which in turn help lessen lag or frame drop.
  • Autofocus – A good focal point like your face should always be highlighted by the camera. Having your background to have better quality while your face is out of focus may confuse your viewers. It is ideal for your camera to have quick and smart autofocus so that it will regularly adjust the focus on your face regardless of your movement or position.
  • Field of View – Imagine watching a video in a narrow resolution ratio? Wouldn’t it be better if you have a wider field of view to capture other details in the background? Check for features such as a wide-angle or fish-eye lens. This lens feature will allow a wider field of view hence allowing more to fit in the frame
  • Internet Connection – Internet speed is a given as it plays a big role in your streaming journey. It doesn’t help knowing that you have a high quality camera, yet your stream is lagging due to poor connection. So always make a point that before purchasing any equipment, make sure that you have the appropriate bandwidth or internet plan to support your stream.
  • Cam Link – If you are going to use a mirror less camera, DSLR, or a camcorder, other than a webcam, you need an HDMI tethering device such as a Cam Link adapter. It basically allows your camera with an HDMI output, to be plugged in straight to your computer and be stream ready!

Wrapping Up

Have we helped you identify the best camera for your streaming career? Yes? Great! It is a great boost for your stream to have good video and audio quality, but at the end of the day, the most important thing is for you to enjoy what you are doing and not treating at as work. Eventually you will attract viewers with your charisma and positive vibe! Congratulations in advance and see you on Twitch!


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