Flexinja Twitch Streamer
Full NameChris Irvine
Date of Birth February 2, 1996
NationalityUnited States
TeamNRG Esports
Twitch FollowersOver 365k
Flexinja Bio

Who is Flexinja?

Chris “Flexinja” Irvine is a well-known content creator for NRG Esports in Valorant. He is also a popular YouTube personality. In December 2011, he started his YouTube channel and, later on, started sharing gaming content on his Twitch channel, which now has over 360,000 followers.

Chris has also gained a significant following on YouTube due to his gameplay videos featuring his favorite character, Omen. One of his most popular videos is titled “Unlocking Omen’s Playstyle – Tips & tricks by Flexinja,” which has received over 1,400,000 views. Let’s jump in and look at Flexinja’s Valorant Settings and how he uses them to dominate the new title from Riot Games. 

Flexinja Valorant Settings

Setting up the proper settings for your game can be very important when it comes to playing Valorant. Having the appropriate equipment and settings can help ensure that you have a good experience. If you have been following Flexinja’s saga, then you might want to check out his settings for Valorant. Look no further. 

Flexinja Valorant Mouse Settings & Sensitivity 

People are usually very interested in the mouse settings used by professional players. However, it will take some time for them to get used to new mouse settings. If you plan on trying Flexinja’s Valorant mouse settings, make sure you play with them for a long time to see if they are right for you.

To help with his over-flicking,  Flexinja turns down his scoped sensitivity multiplier and makes a few tweaks to his other mouse settings to greatly improve his ADSing. 

In-Game Sensitivity 0.37
Scoped Sensitivity 0.8
Invert MouseOff
Flexinja Valorant Mouse Settings

Flexinja Valorant Keybinds

One of the preferred customizations of professional players is key binds. This is because many of them prefer to customize their actions to make them more comfortable when they are playing. Here are the key binds that Flexinja is currently using. 

JumpSpace Bar
Crouch L-Ctrl
Equip Primary1
Equip Secondary2
Equip Melee3
Equip Spike4
Use ObjectF
Use Ability 1Q
Use Ability 2E
Use Ability 3C
Flexinja Valorant Keybinds

Flexinja Valorant Crosshair Settings 

Although it will take some time to get used to a new crosshair, most people can quickly adapt to Flexinja’s crosshair settings with a couple of games. This is because he keeps things simple by using a crosshair without a center dot. 

Crosshair ColorYellow
Center DotOff
Crosshair OutlineOn
Outline Opacity0
Outline Thickness0
Center Dot Opacity0
Center Dot Thickness0
Inner Line Opacity1
Inner Line Length5
Inner Line Thickness2
Inner Line Offset4
Outer Line Opacity0.34
Outer Line Length0
Outer Line Thickness3
Outer Line Offset14
Flexinja Valorant Crosshair Settings 

Flexinja Valorant Video Settings 

Like many of his fellow streamers, Flexinja plays at a 1920×1080 resolution with a 16:9 aspect ratio. In addition to increasing specific settings, such as the Anti-Aliasing and Anisotropic filter, he also makes various changes designed to enhance his experience.

Display ModeFullscreen
Refresh Rate240 HZ
Material QualityHigh
Texture QualityHigh
Detail QualityHigh
UI QualityHigh
Anti-aliasingMSAA 4X
Anisotropic Filtering8X
Improve ClarityOff
FPP ShadowsOn
Flexinja Valorant Video Settings 

Wrapping Up

Keep in mind that you can modify these settings in a way that works for you. While we may want to copy and paste every good streamer’s settings, it’s also important to make sure that these are easy to use and convenient for you. Kindly let us know how Flexinja’s Valorant settings work for you.