The Elgato Stream Deck is popular among content creators, streamers, and even professionals since it is a handy tool that allows you to create shortcuts for anything on your computer. With one press of a button, you can change your background, put in a sound effect, or change a stream scene.

The Stream Deck may also be used to set custom macros for your computer such as audio output changes. This is essential if you are using headphones and a speaker and want to switch from one another on the get-go.

Why You Should Set Your Audio Output Switch To The Elgato Stream Deck

Audio output switching might seem easy since the audio output icon is right down the Windows taskbar. However, it would be time-consuming if you are using multiple audio devices such as virtual mixers, audio mixers, a speaker, and headphones.

Multiple audio devices installed

For instance, the example above has a headphone and a speaker plugged in as the actual audio devices. But it expanded since the monitors also have their own audio output.

Streamers would have more audio devices listed above since they also use audio mixers. If you have a lot of audio devices or if you do professional work, then you might have tons of playback devices as well.

That is when the Elgato Stream Deck comes in handy. Switching between audio devices is as easy as pressing a button. You do not need to fiddle with the Windows sound devices any more.

How To Change Audio Output On Elgato Stream Deck

The Stream Deck software allows you to adjust, monitor, and change your computer settings based on your activity. One feature of the Elgato Stream Deck is you can control your audio output through its software.

Follow these instructions to change your audio output on the Elgato Stream Deck.

  1. Open your Elgato Software.
  2. Under the Soundboard option, you will find the Play Audio and Stop Audio actions.
Soundboard actions
  1. Drag the Play Audio action to your Stream Deck interface.
Play Audio action
  1. Scroll down to the Play Audio property inspector. Head on to the Output drop-down menu, then select your desired audio output device.
Select your Audio Output device
  1. Your audio will now play through your chosen playback device.

How To Change Audio Output On Using Stream Deck Plugin

Here is how you can change your audio output using the Stream Deck plugin.

  1. Install the Audio Switcher plug-in on your Elgato Stream Deck software by Opening your Stream Deck app. Click on the Elgato Store.
Open the Elgato Store
  1. Type Audio Switcher in the search bar.
Type Audio Switcher here
  1. Click on Install then confirm.
Install Audio Switcher
  1. Close the Elgato Store.
  2. You will see the Toggle Audio Device option on the Audio Device section of your Stream Deck software.
Toggle Audio Device Option
  1. Hold on your left mouse button and drag the Toggle Audio Device to your Stream Deck.
Toggle Audio Device button
  1. Change your primary audio device to your headphones. Set your secondary audio device to your speaker or vice versa.
    In this example, Realtek Digital Output is for the headphones and the Speakers Realtek (R) Audio is the speakers.
  1. You are done! You may finally change the audio output on the Elgato Stream Deck in an instant. Just press the button and it automatically switches the playback device. No need to mess with your Windows Audio devices.

Wrapping Up

The Elgato Stream Deck is a useful device that helps streamers, content creators, and professionals when it comes to productivity. There are a lot of hotkey possibilities like the ones we did above. You may use the Stream Deck to simplify an action with just a press of a button.

Maximize the usage of your Stream Deck by checking our guides here.

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